Guess What? Guess Who?  

Guess What?

WWD reported today that Guess is "revisiting the successes of its youth" by returning their focus to denim. I'm assuming that they are trying to jump on the premium denim (read: ooh, we can charge a lot) craze which isn't a bad idea, though I can't remember the last time I have purchased or even seen a pair of Guess jeans...

Anyway, do you think they can relaunch at a premium price point considering that they ALREADY have established themselves as a brand? And a brand that doesn't cost that much at that??? My guess (pun intended) is that they would have to make it some sort of special collection to not only get us to even think about dropping $200 on a pair of Guess jeans, but also to build hype around a marketing campaign.

Guess Who?

62 year old Guess clothing co-founder, Georges Marciano filed paperwork Monday with the California secretary of state's office to run as an independent in 2010, when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's term ends. And no, before you ask (as I did at first), he is not preparing to inflict world fashion domination by forcing the new and improved Guess jeans upon us. He was bought out in 1993 and the company went public in 1996.

I think that if they voted for a bodybuilder/actor, they shouldn't be opposed to voting for a designer. Hey, its California baby! But the competition is tough. Former EBay Chief Executive, Meg Whitman has registered too.

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