Must be nice to be Bey!  

Beyonce may have a wardrobe big enough to fill an entire apartment, but she still claims to be a conscious shopper refusing to spend her hard-earned money on exorbitantly-priced items:

"My wardrobe is big. Put it this way, I've turned my old apartment into a closet.'The 27-year-old star - who is married to rapper Jay-Z - admits she gets a lot of clothes and accessories sent to her free from designers but insists she wouldn't be willing to buy them if she had to splash her own cash. She told Britain's Glamour magazine: 'I probably get about 15 bags sent to me a month. Armani gave me this croc bag, which was huge - I could only imagine how much that thing cost. It would be so expensive that even I wouldn't buy it.'There are some bags that are pretty hot. But then I haven't bought myself a Hermes Birkin bag because I think they are just too expensive."

Lets take note people: this is how the wealthy stay wealthy.

HOWEVER, to play devil's advocate, I also have to wonder if she'd have the same thrifty attitude if she wasn't wealthy, didn't have a wealthy husband, and wasn't sent all of the good stuff for free. Its very easy to say what you WOULDN'T do when you DON'T have to do it. Now I hope she was just speaking of the designer bags because considering the comfortable lifestyle the Knowles' led before the fame, I can't say that I could see "Beyonce-Who?", the regular chick from Houston living a less-than-designer life. When I was a young teen, my mom wasn't letting me cut up my pricey Girbaud jeans...:

Now this is just my opinion and I admit that I could be dead wrong about what she would've been so don't hate me extreme Beyonce fans. I just had to say something though because I like the rich to keep it real. As I've said before, you are not just like us and its okay! Soooooo okay!

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