Billion Dollar Babes: Current/Elliott Sale  

Billion Dollar Babes is offering big savings on a small sale of Current/Elliiott jeans. I say "big" savings because they are priced at $45- 48 from $228 - 242!  I say "small" sale because there are literally only 4 pairs in it. So, you definitely need to hurry and get to this one if you're interested because it will likely be ending sooner than later.

Here are the offerings:




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BTW, Gilt Groupe is having a sale on James Jeans. They are priced at $68 - 88 from $172 - 207. Although most of the washes are around the same dark hue, there are some really nice styles here, so check it out!

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Gilt Groupe: William Rast Sale!  

Gilt Groupe is having a sale on William Rast, and it is a REALLY one! They are all priced at  $89 - $109 from $189 - $249 and have some great styles and washes.

Two pair that caught my eye are:

Regular Price: $249
Gilt Price: $109


Regular Price: $249
Gilt Price: $109

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Ideeli: Paper, Denim &Cloth Sale  

Today at 11am CST, Ideeli will have a sale on Paper, Denim & Cloth jeans. The selection itself is very small and is not very exciting, but to be marked down to $39 from a retail price of $110, its definitely worth checking out. Who knows? You may find something!

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Haute Look: Serfontaine Sale  

Haute Look is having a sale on Serfontaine denim, and to be honest, I'm not really feeling this one. There is a selection of straight legs, bootcuts, and skinnies all priced at $69 - $79 - most being about 60% off, but the washes...

What can I say about the washes? I hate them. Maybe its the photography, maybe there are too many with the same look, but the hues all come across as pretty dull. My suggestion? If you see a pair that you like, but feel a little iffy about the wash, try finding them on another retailer's site to see what their imaging loks like first.

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Rue La La: J Brand Sale!!!  

December 21, 2009 - December 23, 2009
      11:00 am EDT    -     11:00 am EDT   

Rue La La is having a really nice sale on J Brand denim. Great washes AND great trendy styles can be found. They are going fast too - so hurry!!!

All are priced at $79 from $154 - $238...I highly recommend checking this one out!

Here are a couple that caught my eye:

Regular Price: $187.00
Rue La La Price: $79.00
I'm not a big fan of bell bottoms, but these are really cute!

Regular Price: $218.00
Rue La La Price: $79.00
These were a HUGE hit with the celebrities this past Spring/Summer click here for pics, so if you liked them then but didn't get them, NOW is your chance!!!

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I'm Really Sorry For My Absence, BUT...  

I got a new job (yay!) so in the midst of closing out the old one and trying to ramp up in the new one, I've been really really busy lately...but I really am excited and am LOVING my new job!

Now that I'm settling in, I'll get back to work on finding the latest and greatest denim deals and trends for you!

Haute Look: J Brand Sale  

Haute Look is having a sale on J Brand women's and men's jeans...and the prices range from 50% - 71% off.

To be honest, I'm not crazy about this sale because the washes/styles are just okay, and many look the same.

The sale ends Wednesday at 10am CST.

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The Warehouse Sale: NYC  

The Warehouse sale is in NYC today and tomorrow, December 4-5th. The Warehouse Sale is a premium denim sample sale-type event that offers over 20,000 men and women's items for up to 80% off. They travel all over the U.S. (and internationally) for a weekend event that is usually located at the hosting city's convention center. I've been to a couple of these and they are pretty hit or miss, and the size range isn't that large. So basically, if you have an easy-to-fit frame, you have a good chance of walking away with a purchase.

New Denim Line Alert: Dior Homme  

In the Spring, Dior Homme will launch a women's denim line (I know "homme" and "women's line" sound like an oxymoron, right?) as part of its Petite Taille (translation: Small Size) line. Accordiing to WWD, the line will be modeled after the label's men's collection and "has been adapted for the female figure with a touch of spandex for added flexibility." The Japanese premium denim will consist of skinny jeans that range from $405 - $1,185.

$405 - $1,185??!!! And they'll look like the above picture?! Um, no...I think I'll have to pass on those.

Source: The Cut

Loving the Look: Fergie  

Fergie rocked this look Wednesday night at the Grammy concert, and I think she looked absolutely flawless! The dress, hair, makeup, and accessories were all on point.

FYI, I have a similar pair of the gloves and I LOVE them! You can get them from Patricia Field's online boutique for $48.

Haute Look: Rock & Republic Sale  

Haute Look is having a sale on men's and women's Rock & Republic jeans. Although the banner says up to 80% off, the average is about 50% off...which still isn't bad though.

Here are a few pair that caught my eye:

$109.00 $200.00 46% Off
This pair is great because that diagonal side seam will minimize the size of your thighs and make legs appear a wee bit longer.

$109.00 $231.00 53% Off
 If you're a hippy girl who wants to minimize them, I would think twice about these. The front pockets shape will draw attention to them. However, if you have a more boyish/straight figure, these would add a little more umph to your figure!

$109.00 $208.00 48% Off

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Haute Look - William Rast Sale!!!  

Haute Look is having a sale on William Rast for girls AND guys, and they are up to 50 - 62% off of the retail price!

For those of you who don't already know, William Rast is the brainchild of multi-platinum recording artist, Justin Timberlake and his BFF, Trace Ayala. Willima Rast first hit retail floors of North America in November 2005. Today the line has expanded to include Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Lisa Kline, Blue Genes, Harvey Nichols, and major boutiques around the globe.

There are a nice variety of washes and skinny, straight leg, bootcut, flare, and trouser styles (the trousers basically look like their bootcuts). My favorite are the skinnies...they have a SUPER sexy fit!

Here are a few pairs that caught my eye:

$79.00 $189.00 58% Off

$89.00 $209.00 57% Off

$89.00 $189.00 53% Off

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Red Carpet: 2009 AMAs  

The American Music Awards took place this past Sunday November 22nd, and the stars did not disappoint! Here we go...:

The Good

Great choice for Rihanna! This gown is a definite stand-out and provides great buzz for her new album, Rated R, which was released yesterday.

Another consistent red carpet do-gooder is Jennifer Lopez. She never has to go overboard with a "Heeyyy, look at me!" gown,  but ALWAYS looks fab. BOTH of her looks were FAB...especially the white Gucci gown.

This was a really nice as well as unexpected look for Alicia Keys. She's showing a little more skin than usual, and she's looking great while doing so!

I think that Sofia Vergara'sbody does more for the gown than the gown does for her body, but life is unfair like that sometimes

Carrie Underwood looked great from head-to-toe. I'm really loving the color of that gown!

The Bad

For her man A-Rod to just have won the World Series, I would've expected Kate Hudson to look on top of the world. Here, she just looks a little frump-a-dump-dump.

The color, the fit, the style of Nicole Kidman's dress is just ugh. What a waste of such a tall, elegant, and beautiful frame.

I think that Demi Lovato missed the mark here. The color of this dress does nothing for her complexion and hair color, and those nude shoes make me think that she's going to bust out into a broadway dance performance.

Frump-a-dump-dump #2 - Kelly Clarkson. I love her, but the fit of this gown is a big disappointment.

The Ugly

Leono Lewis is a gorgeous woman, but the symmetry of this dress (particularly the pointed bodice) and those clogs look kinda scary.

The Miscellaneous

I can't decide how I feel about Shakira's dress. I mean, its cute, but kinda lacks that umph and it looks a little too tight in the this photo anyway.

If Selena Gomez had chosen different shoes, she definitely would've made it to The Good list.

Source: People

Red Carpet: The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Gala  

The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Gala took place at Skylight Studios Monday night. There were many more industry people than celebrities at this event, and unfortunately for us, non-celebs don't tend to push the fashion envelope as much as celebs. Therefore, weighing in wasn't as fun, but of course you know I did it anyway!

The Good

Lisa Airan with one of my favorite designers Zac Posen. I'd love to see a still shot of this dress because in motion it looks AMAZING!

Diane Von Furstenberg looked classy and chic as usual.

Karen Elsen pictured with the sister duo design team of Rodarte. I can do without the embellishment down the sleeves, but the dress itself is definitely striking.

Aminata Niaria looks great in this dress! This was a great choice. I believe this dress would only look this good on a tall thinner woman. The areas where the material is heaviest could unflatter a curvier woman.

Vanessa Traina's (r) dress is untraditional, but a very interesting pick!

The Bad

Nicole Kidman with keynote speaker, Alber Elbaz. I dont' feel that Nicole's dress is just okay, and in my opinion isn't doing anything for her, but Alber's outfit seems to be channeling its inner Penguin suit worn by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns.

Tory Burch (r) is known for designing flattering silhouettes to a large range of body types, but I'm not feeling this one... The blazer/skirt combo looks very thrown together.

I like Lauren Santo Domingo's dress...but NOT the A-line fit of it. It would be much more cute and sassy if it was fitted throughout the body.

The Ugly

It looks like mold is growing on Mark Ronson's suit...HATED it!

The Miscellaneous

Ms. Anna Wintour

Um, skip the clothes - this group is just plain ol' scary!

Source: WWD. For additional images, click here.