This Week in Denim  

It wasn't a real exciting week in denim, but here's the wrapup:

Happy Birthday Naomi! Although she had looked fabulous (pre-intoxication), she ended up drunk in the back seat with her denim jacket on:

Obviously Taylor Momsen loves the ripped denim look. Here she is in her Members Only jeans...yep, they make more than nylon jackets now:

Here's Lindsay Lohan in what seems to be her favorite brand as of late - PRVCY. Cute wash!

Kim Kardashian looks laid back and casual. The bright pop of color makes me want to look over the fact that she's wearing knee boots in late May. She has been hanging out around Ciara a lot lately...damn!

Here's Heidi Montag in her fave Jet Thrasher jeans. She wears them all of the time. So yes, I could've picked a better photo of her wearing these jeans, but I chose this one instead. hehehe

Elle Macpherson was seen out shopping in her J Brand jeans. When a supermodel has to roll up her hem, this indicates that the designers are going way too far with these superlong inseams!

She may not be a victim of wearing "mom jeans," but what's up with that mom shirt???

Beyonce was out lunching with her hubby in Barcelona. I like the outfit, but I do think that those shoes are a little too much for daytime casual.

*deep sigh* Oh Pauletta! I hope I don't end up looking like my husband's mother...

Eh, I have nothing special to say about a look that isn't. Sorry Kate.

Okay, so is it just me or does LaToya Jackson look like she has shoplifted items hidden in that pocketbook that she's clutching to for dear life???...

Keyshia Cole got a new man and a new attitude. She's wearing a colored 80's inspired wash...not bad.

And my favorite look is...Kelly Rowland! Everything about this look is on point. She looks cute and polished.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend guys!

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