Denim Alert: Painted and Bleached  

I first heard about the coming on this trend about 2 years ago at a Denim Trend seminar in Las Vegas at the MAGIC tradeshow. Supposedly, we were supposed to see the look last year, but it never really came around. Well, it finally looks as if it painted and tie-dyed jeans have arrived.

The ones shown above are from Miss Sixty's Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show, and they are extrememly embellished and downright edgy. I'm not quite sure if those that will be produced and sold for retail will be so detailed as we're seeing the celebs in a more watered-down version...but perhaps they are just introducing us to the trend gradually???

Baby Phat and Charles Anastase featured their versions as well:

Siwy and Sass & Bide have their more conservative versions already:

Here are Jay-Z and Fergie dabbing experimenting with the look below:

My suggestion for wearing these: be careful of what parts of the jean are detailed as it will draw the eye right to it. Therefore, if you have heavier thighs, I would pass on the Miss Sixty's.

Runway pics courtesy of AW09 Denim Trend: Printed and Painted - Denimology">Denimology

$1000 Jeans?!  

How much is TOO much for a pair of jeans???

In an earlier blog, I discussed why you should consider paying $200 for a pair of premium denim (, but I'm finding it difficult to justify Christophe Decarin's Balmain denim line. These jeans run up to $2500 (see above picture of their new ripped style) and are SOLD OUT, yes SOLD OUT in London and in online boutiques! Who said anything about a recession?!

And of course, denim trendsetter, Kate Moss has hers:

What is the most you would pay for denim? And, what would justify spending outside of that price range?

The "First Hairdresser" is in the house...the WHITE HOUSE!  

First lady Michelle Obama has selected a first hairdresser, Johnny Wright, 31, who was once a hairstylist in Chicago's Wicker Park and met Mrs. Obama two years ago on an Essence magazine photo shoot.

His secret to getting her hair coiffed just right? He uses a blow dryer and a flat iron on the first lady. He was responsible for her Denver hairstyle at the Democratic National Convention and her March Vogue cover.

Wright, comes from a family of hair stylists, had recently moved to West Hollywood, but he is now packing up his blow dryer and flat iron and headed to Washington!

Looks like Mr. Johnny Wright has a LOT to be happy about these days.

Go Johnny!

The Higher They Rise...  

Now this picture is a couple of months old now, but I just had to address this...because it keeps haunting me. Not only is it sad that Jessica Simpson's stock has plummeted to the point where she is performing at venues such as the 24th annual Chili Cook Off at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines Florida, but what's sadder is that her sense of style has plummeted with it. Awww, Jess!

Maybe she's unsure how to work with the extra weight she has gained, but apparently, she doesn't realize that high-rise denim serves to accentuate the waist, and she is actually making her hourglass frame appear heavier by layering on the cute double belt over her Jainesse Charlotte jeans . And no, it is NOT the jeans. The jeans are very cute. Just see for yourself. Jessica Alba, Kelis, and Nicole Scherzinger shows us how the style should should actually flatter you in their Jainesse jeans.

And before you think that I'm only endorsing this style for the thin, see how fuller-figured celeb Kim Kardashian pulls hers off:

It's not about your size, it's about your proportions. Proportion is EVERYTHING ladies!

Michelle Obama says her husband Barack knows NOTHING about fashion!  

Now I am VERY protective of my president, so if it were anyone else criticizing him about anything, I probably wouldn't post this, but this criticism comes courtesy of the woman who knows him best, one of my other favorite people and our fab First Lady, Michelle.

What is she criticizing? His sense of style! Barack may know his stuff when it comes to solving the issues plaguing the U.S., but he knows nothing about clothes nor that there is no such thing as too many shoes!
Michelle Obama says her husband Barack knows nothing about fashion - Telegraph

On another note, here is our First Lady at the groundbreaking ceremony for the White House Kitchen Garden. I want to look like this while I garden...

Flying Solo  

Solange performed at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas weekend along with Kanye West and some others, and while I appreciate that her style is different and outside of the box, its getting a little....bizarre. I usually really like Solange's looks, but this is just too much. I have to this just her effortless "style" or is she trying too hard? Now, the above look is fine - classic Solange. But the looks below??? Banana pants???

These look like those items that you run across in a novelty store that are fillers amongst the good finds. You know, the items that you pick up to mock with your friends and reminds you that not everyone has good taste? Put them back down Solange! Down!

And no, there are no pics of Kanye "Double Denim" West. I refuse to post them. If you insist on seeing what he looked like, visit the previous post and picture the jacket w/o sleeves (at least he is keeping it trendy with a vest):
Jean-O-Type: Double Denim Fashion Trend: It's Fugly

ANLO Sale!!!  

Rue La La, the exclusive, invitation-only online destination where Members discover premier-brand, private sale Boutiques, each open for just a brief window of time, is having a sale on Anlo jeans from March 20 11AM - March 23 11AM. The retail prices, which average at about $200/pair, are marked down to only $69!

These jeans are famous for their great trouser styles. Just be conscious of the rise...some can be pretty low. The higher-waisted ones are great if you have a little extra tummy.

See Kim Kardashian (trouser), Kate Moss (skinny leg), Adrienne Bailon (skinny leg), and Kate Winslet (straight leg) in their Anlo jeans:

If you need an invite, just make your request in the Comments section, and one will be sent to you.

Congratulations Marc!  

Marc Jacobs and his ad executive boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, have gone public with their engagement having arrived in Brazil today wearing wedding rings. They have not yet set a date, but I'm sure the commitment ceremony will be FAB-U-LOUS!

Marc Jacobs Engaged - Fashion News -

Running for The Hills  

MTV's reality show The Hills, that followed Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad to Los Angeles in her pursuit of a fashion education and career, has opened doors for her as well as her costars.

Herself, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, and now Audrina Patridge have all used their fame to launch their own collections. While they are all of a different style, they have one thing in common - they are underwhelming at best.


Lauren's line, the Lauren Conrad Collection, has simple silhouettes which make great basics, but require severe accessorizing to create a "fashionable" look. In her defense though, she is from SoCal and the looks are inspired by their laid-back style. Here are 3 of her more eye-catching styles from the 2009 Fall/Winter collection:


Move along folks, there's nothing here to see...
LOL no, but seriously, Anchor Blue has reportedly dropped Heidi Montag’s fashion line, Heidiwood, in an effort to focus almost exclusively on denim. That's not a bad idea if you ask me. Jeans rock!
Though just in case you were curious, here are some images from her online lookbook that we could've looked forward to seeing in her would've been fashion line:

Whitney Port's line, Whitney Eve, has um, interesting looks that I can definitely see her in. The line got picked up by Kitson and this particular dress retails for $345. I say no way, but to each her own.


Audrina Patridge, who will probably have the least success of the four women, although she has the most attractive line AND its denim (take notes Heidi) has signed a deal with denim line, Divine Rights of Denim. She is not only the face of the brand, but she also co-designed their latest line. It is definitely a budget-friendly brand - most are priced below $100. I wonder if Justin Bobby is the hairstylist for her ads...

I'm not one of those people who unconditionally love to root for the underdog, but I've got to go with Audrina on this one. I think the jeans are really cute AND they are under $100?! I'm ALL over these!

The Ripped Denim Trend Continues...  

I didn't pay this trend too much attention last spring and summer because there are always a few people who rock ripped denim despite its current trendworthiness. However, I can't ignore what is. So whether you choose to create your own or buy some pre-made (main photo is Siwy's Hannah Cropped Slim Jean, $196), there are plenty of options out there. Plus, the varying levels of distressing assure that both the fashion-forward and mildly conservative have comfortable options (although I don't think any woman who would consider wearing this trend would ever really be considered "conservative").

See the ripped denim-clad celebs in action: