Little in the Middle  

*cue Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back*

Little in the Middle jeans were created for pear and hourglass figures (small waist and fuller in the hips). I will admit that I was taken aback at seeing Jean-O-Type's tag line Jeans for All Genes associated with this denim line, but I'm still going to try my best to report on it without bias...although I must say that if these jeans are just for pear and hourglass shapes, then they aren't jeans for ALL genes are they now? *wink*

This is taken from the About Us section of their website:
Inspired by her decades of dilemma in finding the right jean to fit her curvy figure, visionary entrepreneur Lee Ann Park launched the Little in the Middle ™ website in 2002. What was her goal? It was to determine if there was a need for clothing that truly fit a woman's curves. The first production was delivered in the fall of 2005. Finally, there was a jean on the market created one size smaller in the waist than the hips, appropriately honoring the moniker, Little in the Middle ™ .

“ Jeans that embrace your waist and hug your assets!” “High fashion does not have to be high priced!” - Lee Ann Park

Now, I'm curious to know if Lee Ann has considered the hourglass figures that have booty too. If any of you have tried these jeans, I'd love to hear your feedback!

And I'm not even going to comment on the tackaliciousness creative interpretation of the woman in the red jeans...

Little in the Middle can be bought in the US at True Jeans.

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Hi! It is Lee Ann from Little in the Middle. Thanks for the post about Little in the Middle jeans. Just wanted to clarify a few things. Jeans for your Genes comment is that if Little in the Middle does not fit you, we will find a pair that does through True Jeans, using there True Fit technology. Second, the picture above is from a re(Define)(Real)ity fashion show in Boston. There were two women with body art (the one in red and the one in black). The fashion show was great and re(Define) (Real)ity is a movement to celebrate every body!! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments because we are always trying to improve ourselves!!! All the best, Lee Ann


Yes, I have these jeans. They are my absolute favorite!! I've got booty and thighs, and these jeans fit great all over. If you are tired of jeans that are falling off your waist, but cutting off circulation elsewhere, these are for you!


With all due respect, but why are you trying to find the negative in Little in the Middle rather than the positive! If you would do your research you will find MOST of the genes on the market are designed to fit with a straightline figure so it is great that Lee Ann has come up with a line to help those that do not fit in the average jean. If you have ever had the problem you will know it is very frustrating to find jeans that fit. I am a curvy woman with a lot of back and I love Little in the Middle jeans! I wear them and my daughter wears them. This line not only helps woman with these type figures but they are helping a great cause with re(Define)(Real)ity movement in emphasizing on good body image to avoid eating disorders! So instead of trying to point out the negative in things, lets look at all the positive and give her props for helping others.

Jacque in California

Love, love, love these jeans! They are designed to fit exactly as they are described to and have both style and quality, as well. At one point I declared my wardrobe jeans free because I was so tired of having to get my waists altered, etc. but with Little In The Middle, they fit perfect with no alterations needed (though they are long so depending on your height you may need to shorten them). Can't rave enough about them and the great causes they support, eating disorders and healthy body images! Definitely worth trying out for yourself!

@ Lee Ann - Thanks for stopping by and I'm pleased to hear that you like my blog. I heard about Little in the Middle when I ran across an article on your line in passing and wanted to put the word out because I sincerely believe that this line will definitely appeal to particular body types who are in desperate need. If you receive any pictures and/or testimonials from any of your customers and would like me to post, please forward them on and I'll be happy to do so! One goal of my blog is to inform women of what lines are out there instead of always running to the 7 for all Mankinds, Citizens of Humanities, and True Religions out there that have successfully made a business out of selling a brand name. I don't have to tell you that selecting jeans isn't about buying what is fashionable, but what fits! :-)

@ "Anonymous" (the second one) - No offense taken, but I do want to address your comment just in case your opinion is widely shared.

I definitely do my research...this site is research. Having been in the industry for a few years myself, I am well aware of the perils that the curvy (and other body types FYI) experience when searching for denim jeans that fit. Unless you are built exactly like the fit model on which the brand was designed, its going to be hard for you. This includes the curvy, petite, tall, plus-sized, and even slender women. I think that when designers choose to design jeans to fulfill a niche rather than a cool back pocket, that's a great thing, and I'm happy to hear that you've found a line that you are WAY ahead of the game!

However, in my research, I've also found that there are lines that have claimed to accomodate the curvy figures and don't. I have yet to try Little in the Middle jeans and never pretended to attest to how they fit (nor will I fake the funk to my readers and try to get them to get drunk on koolaid which I haven't drank), which is why I opened up a forum for anyone that has to share their experience (many thanks to you guys that did...I greatly appreciate it).

So, I apologize if you took my post as focusing on the negative, but that was a matter of your interpretation...not my intention. I focus on reality. The one negative comment I did intentionally make was of the woman in red jeans and body paint...and I have to say that upon looking at the picture again that I still stand by that, make that 110%. Besides, this isn't a corporate blog that has to be PC, its MY blog and I am supposed to be giving MY opinions. And in return, I appreciate that you chose to do the same. Gotta love blogging!

Lastly, its not very difficult to find subject matter on denim as its EVERYWHERE, so my writing on this line in the first place are my giving Lee Ann "props." As they say, there's no such thing as "bad press." Regardless of what the interpretation was, somebody who came on this blog heard about this line for the first time, and I don't know about you, but I don't think that's a very negative thing at all...