*deep sigh* I just had to guys!  

I am so tired of reporting on what Rihanna is wearing, but the fact remains that she is wearing something pretty much everyday that keeps her style a topic of conversation. Sooo without further adieu:

Rihanna was out in Gramercy Park yesterday wearing this interesting ensemble. I love the jacket and the gloves, and I do like the leggings (although I'm surprised of the pairing with the denim shorts), but I think that this is truly an outfit for a celebrity to wear. Could anyone just wear this outfit...and get away with it?

Update: I did a little research on these leggings and they are from Rodarte's Spring 2009 show. So, if you likey, you can either get a pair for $920 at Opening Ceremony or if you're poor and crafty...ahem, like me, you will transform your oversaturated and played out shiny American Apparel leggings like Tiffany did at Six Six Sick Girls. Thanks Tiffany, you are a genius!

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Ok, me likey the leggings, but honestly, Rhi Rhi is to fashion what Luther Vandross is to singing for me. There are just no bad songs by Luther...

What I don't get is if they're leggings, what is the big gap between them & her denim shorts?

They're actually called "leather cut-out thigh-highs" AND they zip up the back...they're basically full leg-warmers! I guess her purpose in wearing the short shorts was to showcase what they weren't full leggings, but she didn't have to...really she didn't.


I do think it is a lil heavy for may. I can make those leggings with a razor. I think I like the top and shorts. The suede peeps and long gloves seem super duper heavy for the summer... Hmmm. Winter fashion in early summer, Is that the new trend? Lets call it heat stroke chic. Lmao!