Rue La La: Yanuk Sale  

August 31, 2009  -  September 2, 2009
    11:00 am EDT  - 11:00 am EDT         
Rue La La is having a sale on Yanuk jeans. The assortment is just okay, but jeans are just $49!          
Click here for your invitation to this sale.

The September Issue  

ISSUES WITH SEPTEMBER: After an extensive promotional blitz, “The September Issue,” a behind-the-couture look at the creation of Vogue’s September 2007 issue, finally opened in New York City over the weekend.

So how did it do? The movie, which aired on six screens, took in a total weekend gross of $240,078, for an average of $40,013 per screen, according to figures released Sunday afternoon by the film’s distributor, Roadside Attractions.

And if the hype and the promise of the film’s access to the inner circle weren’t enough to lure the fashion curious to the six theaters in Manhattan where it was playing, there were the mostly favorable reviews. New York magazine’s David Edelstein called it a “guilty pleasure”; Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Gleiberman gave the documentary an “A,” and the New York Daily News rated the movie, directed by R.J. Cutler, three-and-a-half out of five stars.

Though most reviewers lauded Vogue creative director Grace Coddington as the breakout star of the 88-minute film, Anna Wintour’s on-screen persona played less well in some circles. “In interviews with Cutler, Wintour is withholding and stand-offish, just as she is with her staff,” wrote Marshall Fine for The Huffington Post. “She’s a poor little rich girl swaddled in fur and iced to the bone,” wrote The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis. And Kyle Smith of The New York Post, who rated the movie three out of four stars, described Wintour with “fangy bangs that you could open an envelope on, her mirth-free smile, the Frisbee-sized shades that conceal her arctic skin crevasses but add to her polar froideur. Brrrr! I’m wearing a winter coat as I write.”

Nevertheless, some critics left wanting more. “Unfortunately for audiences, Ms. Wintour, perhaps mindful of her icy reputation, perhaps simply mindful of the cameras, is on her best behavior,” said Joanne Kaufman of The Wall Street Journal, who panned the film, calling it “listless” and “old news” since it’s about an issue of the magazine that came out two years ago.

The documentary opens nationwide on Sept. 11.

— Stephanie D. Smith

Source: WWD 
I will SO be going to see this! BTW, if you can check out Valentino: The Last Emperor, please do! It was great!

Hating the Look: Peaches Geldof  

Denimology brought my attention to this denim DON'T: Peaches Geldof. Who is Peaches you ask? (I know I did). She is said to be a socialite of some sort. So I decided to google this unfortunately-dressed girl, and this is what Wikipedia reported about Ms. Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof *crickets* Yeah.....:

Geldof was born in London in 1989, the second daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. She is the granddaughter of Hughie Green. Her sisters are Fifi Trixibelle Geldof (born 1983) and Pixie Geldof (born 1990), and she also has a younger half-sister, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof (born 1996).
She grew up in Chelsea. After moving out of her father's house in Battersea, Peaches rented a flat in Islington, North London, but gave up her lease to move to New York with then-husband, Max Drummey. She now splits her time between her apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the Mayfair Hotel in London, to which she is reportedly an ambassador.

Tabloid coverage of her lifestyle has centered mainly on her celebrity boyfriends, including Donny Tourette, Frederick Blood-Royale, and Joe Van Moyland, although this rumor was vehemently denied by Peaches herself.

*yawn* Ok, I've already written enough about Peaches to not care about her in the slightest. However, if you do care and want to read a list of her "accomplishments" that you are hoping may potentially justify this offense against all things fashion, you can read more here.

Week in Denim  

Momma Brit was took her boys to see Shrek: The Musical. Looking good, Brit!!! (I'm always going to root for her despite her occasional tomfoolery.)

Momma Halle & Family were out as well matching in their denim and white tops...Awww, cute!

Cassie was at Madison Square Garden for the Britney Spears concert in a cropped zebra-print top and cute ripped white jeans.

Christina Milian in NYC. She has filled out a little lately and the pregnancy rumors are circulating...I'm just glad she left the blonde hair behind.

Teyana Taylor at the Halloween II premiere. I like the pieces of her outfit...just not collectively.

Rihanna was lunching at Da Silvano's in some cute paint-splattered jeans. Can I just say that I don't like this loafer look though?
Ciara shopping in a casual look. She looks very...regular.

Lindsay Lohan and her plumped lips was out making ripped jeans look like a fashion faux-pas.

Neiman Marcus: The Book  

Neiman Marcus has released an electronic version of  the September issue of The Book. It highlights Fall's hottest trends including:
  • The "It" Color - Red
  • Leopard
  • Leggings
  • Motorcycle Jackets
  • Metallic Shoes
  • Cozy Knits
  • Accentuated Shoulders
  • Accessories with Hardware
  • Major Black Dresses
  • High-Impact Jewelry
To view The Book click here.

Gilt Groupe: Acne Jeans Sale!!!  

Acne Jeans is a Swedish denim manufacturer and part of the Stockholm-based design firm "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions" (ACNE). The denim offshoot began in 1997 when ACNE designed 100 pairs of jeans to distribute among friends, family and clients of the company. Before long a public request for these raw denim jeans with red stitching appeared and the following year (1998) Acne Jeans released its first collection. Ever since Acne Jeans has released two yearly collections every spring and autumn.

Now this sale has way more to offer than jeans, and everything is going fast so check it out!

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit:

Barney's Warehouse Sale: 50-75% off!  

Hate to Say I Told You So, BUT....The After: Cassie  

Here are some pics from a recent photoshoot of Alice Dellal Wannabe #1, Cassie. She is collaborating with DIMEPIECE on a few exclusive pieces for her album, Electro Love.

Now even back then, I had questioned the shaving-off-the-side-of-your-head move because what do you do after the fad is gone??? Ha! Well, I guess the photographer was thinking the same thing due to the obvious angles in which her head is turned in the bulk of these photos that hide her baldness. She is so much better at modeling that she'll ever be at singing...


Beyond the Rack: J Brand Sale  

 Ends Aug 26 2009, 1:00 PM

They were an instantaneous hit with celebrities like Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Katie Homes as well as with top fashion editors at Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

J Brand Co. were the ones responsible for the straight leg skinny jean craze. Recently, their new wider leg styles are the current must-have wardrobe staples.

The line's emphasis on clean pockets, classic dark washes and fantastic fits have created a combination of sexiness, style and comfort for ladies jeans. The brand is carried in top retail stores including Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Scoop NYC and Ron Herman.  

There are 15 styles to choose from, but all but two have a wider leg. They are mostly darker washes too. There are 2 ripped styles...1 skinny and 1 ankle. All are priced at $119 (from $225 - 245).

Your invitation code is NMB9C05F92F

Rue La La - Taverniti So Sale  

August 24, 2009      -     August 26, 2009
11:00 am EDT               11:00 am EDT   

Now through Wednesday morning, Rue La La is having a sale on Taverniti So denim jeans. All jeans are marked down to $69 from ($187-$369).

There is a great variety of styles and some nice washes, however, keep in mind that these jeans look best on girls with no booty. Taverniti features a signature back flap pocket that sits pretty low, so the flap pocket will help give the illusion of having a little something back there, but if you have a butt, it won't be that flattering...unless you have a REALLY long torso and your butt sits lower anyway.

To receive an invitation, click here or copy/paste link below:

Unisex Jeans  

Why? I don't know, but Cheap Monday decided to produce Tight Fit unisex jeans, for men and women. Staffers at The Cut tried them on for size and gave their verdict:

All were impressed by how comfortable they were: lightweight, stretchy, and supersoft. The jeans were Efron-esque on our male models — a passing (male) editor deemed them "rather feminine" — but both were fans of the fit and feel. (One wondered aloud whether his pair could "go missing" when we sent back the rest.) Predictably, the women were slightly more critical, yanking at the navel-grazing "Mom jean" waistband. Although the front view was flattering through the hips and thighs, the "deal-breaker" for them was the butt-enveloping back pockets, extending partially down the thigh.

Those pockets are definitely U-G-L-Y, and definitely look better on the guys. Unisex jeans??? FAIL.

Source: The Cut

Week in Denim  

Rihanna wore a pair of denim cutoffs, plaid shirt, and booties. This tied belt look has been very popular on the runways too.

A couple of days later, Rihanna wore an interesting pair of acid stone-washed denim jeans. I really don't like the fit from the front, but from the back??? Her booty looked FAB!

Mommy-to-be, Kourtney Kardashian wore a cute tunic and denim cutoffs at the Vegas launch party of her and Khloe's new show on E!
Megan Fox was spotted out in a cute pair of baggy jeans. Not quite the boyfriend jean look, but she pulls this off and I'm liking it!

Emanuelle Chriqui wore a cute denim cutoff skirt at the premiere of Inglourious Basterds. Cute look! I'm loving her shoes!

Victoria Beckham DOES wear things twice! Here she is in her Stella McCartney gradient jeans.

The Right to Bear Legs??? Absolutely!  

First Lady, Michelle Obama visited the Grand Canyon with her family on Sunday, to later be ridiculed by the public for wearing...shorts. I know, you're like "why in the???" but some seem to think that her wearing shorts was "inappropriate." I'm confused here. What exactly is inappropriate about wearing shorts in 106 degree weather??? These shorts were neither too short, nor sexy, so what's the problem?
I think people seem to forget that we haven't had a first lady without cellulite and varicose veins since Jackie O, when these antiquated views of what ladies should and should not wear were prevalent. Therefore, in 2009 there's nothing wrong or "inappropriate" about a fit and toned woman keeping it classy and cool.


UPDATE: August 28: While on vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Mrs. Michelle wore another pair of shorts (albeit longer). Clearly, she isn't paying the naysayers any mind.

Not Feeling the Look: Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone  

Now, you guys likely know by now that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marc Jacobs and his fiance, Lorenzo Martone (hence, my refusal to coin this post as a "Hating the Look" feature. HOWEVER,  I am not feeling the  looks they chose to wear to the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.
While Zo (yes, I called him Zo), looks cute, the boots and glasses kinda disturb me. Perhaps if he selected one or the other, but both just make the whole 'fit look kind of gimmicky. While I love Marc's mandals, I can't get past the fact that he came out in a blouse and skirt.

ANTM Cycle 13  

America's Next Top Model has revealed the 14 girls that have been selected to compete for the title in the 13th cycle. The contenders range from ages 18 to 23 years old and stand at a height of 5'7" and under. However, from what I hear, most of these girls are closer to 5'7"...I guess we were wrong to think that they'd go for shock value and pick truly "petite" girls, huh? Hello?!! 5'7" is NOT short Tyra!!!

             Ashley                                                                          Bianca

            Britanny                                                                          Courtney
                Erin                                                                             Jennifer
               Kara                                                                             Laura
               Lisa                                                                             LuLu 
            Nicole                                                                           Rachel    
                Rae                                                                               Sundai 
Off of these pictures alone, my preliminary favorite is Courtney. She has a cute look, but she obviously works out and while I like muscle tone over skin 'n bone, I'm wondering if her athletic frame will work against her. Who is your fave of the 14 girls???

The season airs on September 9th.                                                                                              

Rue La La: James Jeans Sale!!!  

August 18, 2009   -    August 20, 2009
11:00 am EDT           11:00 am EDT

Rue La La is having a sale on James Jeans now through Thursday at 11AM EST. James Jeans provides a great fit for curvier girls with hips and thighs. Most of the styles offered are bootcut which are perfect for the curvier body types. Jeans are all $69 from a regular retail price of $163- $194.

To receive an invitation, click here or copy/paste link below:

Hating the Look: Chris Brown  

Last week Chris Brown was spotted out in L.A. wearing this horrific outfit. I really do like his top, but what's up with those gym socks??? He might as well have thrown on his church shoes instead of these Ked-like kicks.

Gilt Groupe: AG Jeans Sale  

Gilt Groupe is having a sale on AG Jeans (Adriano Goldschmied). There are a lot of styles, including several skirts, shorts, and cropped jeans. Jeans are priced at $64 - $78 from the mid-upper $100 range.

I actually really like used to like this brand. The denim that AG uses usually has a good feel to it making them pretty comfortable.

HOWEVER (you knew this was coming), I do have a bad personal experience with a particular individual in their customer service department who refused to replace a pair that I had bought (1 of 2 pairs mind you), had altered (I'm short), and then ripped (and not along a seam either) the first time I attempted to wear them. Why, you ask? Because I no longer had the, hello? YOU are the manufacturer! They have AG all up on and in the tag! What exactly is it that you need to know that this magical receipt will tell you??? Chick, I'm not asking for a refund, I'm asking for a replacement!!!

But, I'm not bitter...ok, yes I am!!! It wasn't my fault that they ripped because the sizing was fine and this wasn't a seam rip, but who would bother keeping a receipt for something AFTER they've gotten it altered??? Anyway, I told her that the bad experience of throwing away money on a pair of designer jeans and its' alterations would keep me from ever buying another pair, and the rep was sooo snotty, that she just said in response "Okay."

"OKAY?!" Are you serious? Well then, "okay." I am D-O-N-E with them. There will never be a shortage of designer denim brands so I am not at a loss.

Ok, my rant is over...I've waited a LONG time to get that off of my chest soooo Happy Shopping!!! Please don't let my single piss poor experience keep you from saving. Besides, Gilt Groupe is great!

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit:

Gilt Fuse Is Here!!!  


Gilt Fuse launched today at 12pm Eastern Time!!!
If you're already a member of Gilt, you have instant access to Gilt Fuse. Click on the Gilt Fuse banner in our daily emails or bookmark the site here.

How is it diferent from Gilt Groupe?
They have a wider range of styles to mix and match at a lower price point. Beware of the styling though ladies! As I've warned before, the styling can make your order a fabulous shirt, and when you get it, its just a shirt that was made to look fabulous due to the other apparel and accessories that the model was wearing. However, you SHOULD use the styling as a guide to create the look you want.

Gilt Fuse debuts with amazing sales from:
Kova & T
Modern Amusement

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit:

Rue La La - Lucky Brand Sale  

August 12, 2009  -  August 14, 2009
11:00 am EDT        11:00 am EDT
Rue La La is having a sale on Lucky Brand denim. I have to be honest with you - its not that great of a sale so don't bother sneaking off on company hours to visit it. While there are many departments offered, the denim options are small and unimpressive. But who knows? Maybe one of you really like Lucky Brand and can find what you're looking for.

To receive an invitation, click here or copy/paste link below: