Weekend in Denim  

I am SO uninspired by the denim looks served to us by the celebs this weekend. They just looked pretty wack (and normal) as a whole:

Ciara is in her new fave denim trend - gray jeans AND thigh-high boots...I'm soooo not feeling this and wish that she would stop with the boots.

Then, she participated in Revlon's 12th Annual Walk For Women in New York:

Ah, that's more like it!

Hmm, not really feeling Rih's choice of outfit to wear to Katsuya for dinner w/Jay-Z. The boyfriend jeans with the tank and secretary pumps??? Uh uh.

Khloe Kardashian definitely let her sister upstage her. To stick those jeans in those boots like that did nothing for her...or Giuseppe.

Halle gave a glimmer of hope as she was cute and casual as usual wearing a well-fitted pair. Now how is it that she always manages to look good whether she is being styled on the red carpet or if she's just running to the grocery store, and she now has to be responsible for dressing Nahla too? She is living proof that we can do better.

Surprisingly, Beyonce of all people gave us the most umph...maybe she's inspired by being in Prague..

And before anybody thinks poorly of me because I'm being hard on them and "celebrities are just like you and me," let me just tell you - they are NOT like you and me so don't go there. Unless you have designers sending you their latest and greatest fashions for free to boot, have access to a top stylist, and/or get paid on your image, they really aren't like you...at all.

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