Stop it CiCi!!!  

I was talking to a close friend and fashion stylist who commented on Ciara's recent and frequent abuse wearing of these thigh-high the Spring! Now I knew I wasn't really feeling her look (especially the oxymoronic thigh-high flat version), but he brings up an excellent point.

I believed that her having worn the mess of them lately meant that she was just trying to get her wear out of them before May (the official start of warm weather everywhere), but lo and behold, she wore them on Good Morning America yesterday!

How many colors of this boot does she have?! Is the boot, jean, tee, short jacket, and ponytail her new uniform? Does she believe that being a trendsetter means beating the public over the head with it? And most importantly, who's with me on the crusade to stop her???

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I simply can not get enough of her awesome boots.. she wears them so classy, so so sexy..