Weekend in Denim  

Megan Good was spotted out partying in L.A. I don't think rolling your jeans up is a bad look, but some cute cropped jeans would've served the shoes better...and would've given her that I wanted it to look like this look rather than the I did the best with what I had look. She still looks good though. Some people just have it like that.

Sidenote: What is the little valet man doing in the background? Dude, just park her car.

And then there are those that don't just have it like that. Anna Faris was out at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch party in Hollywood wearing this denim jumper. I think I'd like it if the top was fitted. I mean, a short halter jumper sounds sexy, but this jumper just isn't...

Ciara was at the Z100 concert in New Jersey looking cute and seasonally appropriate...

...until she performed. Damn, damn, damn those boots!!!

Attention! Attention! We have a Rihanna sighting in Newark! Since her illict pictures surfaced, her sightings have been few and far between AND she's been sighted completely clothed in inconspicuous clothing (I'm sure courtesy of the advice of her PR people...can you say "damage control?"). I mean seriously, chick won't even reveal skin through ripped jeans anymore. This is NOT the Rihanna we know.

And here she is looking slightly Road Runnerish leaving a lunch at Da Silvano:

What??? Hey, I just made the observation! I think it IS time for a haircut or hair weave though.

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