Weeekend in Denim  

I hope you guys had a Happy Mother's Day!

I am so glad to see that the skinny jeans and jumpers are still in full effect because I love them both and am committed to wearing them as long as I look good in them despite what trend is next!

Here is Rihanna keeping a low profile leaving her hotel in NYC. This outfit is more low-key than we've seen from her in a long time, but I'm just glad to see her wearing any clothes at all after just having had her turn of the "Oh no! Somebody hacked into my computer and stole my naked pics..." scandal.

Looking cute in that jumper Ms. Eva Diva!

Beyonce wore light-colored denim while in Berlin to watch her sister, Solange perform. She must really like this tank too; I don't see her repeating clothing too often.

Halle and Gabe have to be one of the most attractive baby mama/baby daddy pairs alive!

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