Gilt Groupe - Paige Premium Denim Sale!!!  

Gilt Groupe is having a great sale on Paige Premium Denim! Jeans range from $78 - 88 and skirts and shorts range from $58 - $68. The majority are boot cut, but there are a couple of skinny and cropped styles. The sale ends May 31st at midnight, but knowing how fast items go on Gilt, they won't last that long!

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit:

Happy Shopping!

Guess What? Guess Who?  

Guess What?

WWD reported today that Guess is "revisiting the successes of its youth" by returning their focus to denim. I'm assuming that they are trying to jump on the premium denim (read: ooh, we can charge a lot) craze which isn't a bad idea, though I can't remember the last time I have purchased or even seen a pair of Guess jeans...

Anyway, do you think they can relaunch at a premium price point considering that they ALREADY have established themselves as a brand? And a brand that doesn't cost that much at that??? My guess (pun intended) is that they would have to make it some sort of special collection to not only get us to even think about dropping $200 on a pair of Guess jeans, but also to build hype around a marketing campaign.

Guess Who?

62 year old Guess clothing co-founder, Georges Marciano filed paperwork Monday with the California secretary of state's office to run as an independent in 2010, when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's term ends. And no, before you ask (as I did at first), he is not preparing to inflict world fashion domination by forcing the new and improved Guess jeans upon us. He was bought out in 1993 and the company went public in 1996.

I think that if they voted for a bodybuilder/actor, they shouldn't be opposed to voting for a designer. Hey, its California baby! But the competition is tough. Former EBay Chief Executive, Meg Whitman has registered too.

Rue La La - J Brand Sale!!!  

Rue La La is have a J Brand sale. All jeans are marked down to &79 and are going FAST! There is a large variety of washes and styles so check it out! The sale ends Friday morning.

To receive an invitation, click here or copy/paste link below:

Meadham and Kirchoff  

Denimology brought my attention to these very cool looking jeans. For their Spring 09 show, Ed Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff revealed their intricate take on denim, creating a sort of patchwork effect and integrating leather and cutouts. Very cool!

Prices range from about $390 to $2220. I haven't been able to find these outside of the UK, so if anyone knows of where we can purchase these in the US, please give us a heads-up!

I expect to see these on our celebs very soon...

For more photos from their show, click here

Amy Winehouse: Singer, Addict, Designer???  

Amy Winehouse has confirmed British press reports that she is indeed working on a fashion line to be launched later this year with London label PPQ, designed by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker. *crickets*

I think it is a slap in the face of fashion to just let any famous person represent it. I mean, really! Who wants their daughter, mother, wife, girlfriend, best friend, etc looking like this?! Not only is her lifestyle questionable, but her personal fashion choices are horrendous. I can only hope that the price point of this line will match her look - cheap.

Source: WWD

Weekend in Denim  

*yawning and stretching* Wow, that 3-day weekend went by fast! Lets see what the celebs were doing in denim:

Halle wore her PRPS Boyfriend Jeans and a new short cropped cut sans makeup. She said that she'll be going without makeup now...not that she needs it.

Drew Barrymore had on a cool-looking pair of white checkered Levis.

Dakota Fanning was seen wearing her J Brand ripped skinnies. Now that little Dakota is a big girl, someone should get her a stylist because this outfit wasn't put together well at all.

Ciara was out at Keyshia Cole's concert trying to be incognito...but, we see you anyway.

Ashley Tisdale was spotted leaving her home in her Dylan George jeans.

Rihanna was out in NYC wearing her cut-off shorts and heat-stroke chic thigh-high flat Ciara boots. Boo.

And here she is in a more season-appropriate outfit. She loves her Current/Elliotts. And I'm loving this look! (minus the Road Runner hair of course)

Lindsay Lohan managed to find a cute version of the 80s style acid wash jeans from Jet. I swear this girl is getting thinner and thinner everytime I see her!

Her tee is a tad too long in the back, but Kate Moss is sporting a cute look (frontal view only) with her black denim cutoffs.

This Week in Denim  

It wasn't a real exciting week in denim, but here's the wrapup:

Happy Birthday Naomi! Although she had looked fabulous (pre-intoxication), she ended up drunk in the back seat with her denim jacket on:

Obviously Taylor Momsen loves the ripped denim look. Here she is in her Members Only jeans...yep, they make more than nylon jackets now:

Here's Lindsay Lohan in what seems to be her favorite brand as of late - PRVCY. Cute wash!

Kim Kardashian looks laid back and casual. The bright pop of color makes me want to look over the fact that she's wearing knee boots in late May. She has been hanging out around Ciara a lot lately...damn!

Here's Heidi Montag in her fave Jet Thrasher jeans. She wears them all of the time. So yes, I could've picked a better photo of her wearing these jeans, but I chose this one instead. hehehe

Elle Macpherson was seen out shopping in her J Brand jeans. When a supermodel has to roll up her hem, this indicates that the designers are going way too far with these superlong inseams!

She may not be a victim of wearing "mom jeans," but what's up with that mom shirt???

Beyonce was out lunching with her hubby in Barcelona. I like the outfit, but I do think that those shoes are a little too much for daytime casual.

*deep sigh* Oh Pauletta! I hope I don't end up looking like my husband's mother...

Eh, I have nothing special to say about a look that isn't. Sorry Kate.

Okay, so is it just me or does LaToya Jackson look like she has shoplifted items hidden in that pocketbook that she's clutching to for dear life???...

Keyshia Cole got a new man and a new attitude. She's wearing a colored 80's inspired wash...not bad.

And my favorite look is...Kelly Rowland! Everything about this look is on point. She looks cute and polished.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend guys!

Trend Alert Fall/Winter 2009-2010: Thigh High Boots  

*sigh of relief...kinda* So there is a method to the madness! It appears that Ciara is just trying to get a head-start on the upcoming thigh high boot trend for Fall/Winter 2009-2010. I love fashion-forwardness, and no CiCi, we will NOT forget how dedicated you were to beating us over the head with bringing in the trend WAAAAAAAAY before everyone else was wearing it, but come on now! You are bringing it in waaaaay before its time in the Spring!!!.......Ok, I'm calming down.ANYWAYS, feel free to go ahead and start wrapping your mind around this trend and how you will manage to pull it off without looking like you're soliciting your goods. My suggestion? Classy up top. Refrain from wearing the skimpy revealing pieces.Over-the-knee boots by Loewe, Hermes, Hussein Chalayan, and Louis VuittonThose Louis Vuitton's are HOT!Source:Thigh high boots / over the knee boots trend 2010 > Footwear & Shoes > Blog

Haute Look: Seven for all Mankind Sale  

Now until tomorrow at midnight, Haute Look is featuring a sale on Seven for All Mankind denim, shorts, skirts, tops, dresses, and outerwear. This sale is a good one so check it out!

Ideeli - Earnest Sewn Sale  

Ideeli, an invitation-only shopping community is having a sale today on Earnest Sewn jeans. You can save up to 51%. To obtain access, click here or visit:

Acid Wash Jeans  

Now, I am a fan of the tie-dye jean, but the complete acid wash hasn't really grown on me yet.

Perhaps its because the affordable styles below found at Urban Outfitters have totally failed to integrated the style of 2009 with that of the 80's. I believe recycled trends should look like they were "inspired" by the older look, not like you hitched a ride on the Delorean Time Machine and were time-warped to present day! And unfortunately, spending $2,000+ on a pair of the cute Balmain jeans above is just NOT an option.

I am not a fan a knock-offs at all, but um H&M? We need you!

Weekend in Denim  

Megan Good was spotted out partying in L.A. I don't think rolling your jeans up is a bad look, but some cute cropped jeans would've served the shoes better...and would've given her that I wanted it to look like this look rather than the I did the best with what I had look. She still looks good though. Some people just have it like that.

Sidenote: What is the little valet man doing in the background? Dude, just park her car.

And then there are those that don't just have it like that. Anna Faris was out at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX launch party in Hollywood wearing this denim jumper. I think I'd like it if the top was fitted. I mean, a short halter jumper sounds sexy, but this jumper just isn't...

Ciara was at the Z100 concert in New Jersey looking cute and seasonally appropriate...

...until she performed. Damn, damn, damn those boots!!!

Attention! Attention! We have a Rihanna sighting in Newark! Since her illict pictures surfaced, her sightings have been few and far between AND she's been sighted completely clothed in inconspicuous clothing (I'm sure courtesy of the advice of her PR people...can you say "damage control?"). I mean seriously, chick won't even reveal skin through ripped jeans anymore. This is NOT the Rihanna we know.

And here she is looking slightly Road Runnerish leaving a lunch at Da Silvano:

What??? Hey, I just made the observation! I think it IS time for a haircut or hair weave though.

Gilt Groupe - Anlo Sale  

Gilt Groupe is having a sale on Anlo jeans up to over 60% off! Great selection too! The sale ends at midnight EST, but don't delay because you don't have all day - items on this site move FAST!

This is invitation only so click here for invite or visit:

Little in the Middle  

*cue Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back*

Little in the Middle jeans were created for pear and hourglass figures (small waist and fuller in the hips). I will admit that I was taken aback at seeing Jean-O-Type's tag line Jeans for All Genes associated with this denim line, but I'm still going to try my best to report on it without bias...although I must say that if these jeans are just for pear and hourglass shapes, then they aren't jeans for ALL genes are they now? *wink*

This is taken from the About Us section of their website:
Inspired by her decades of dilemma in finding the right jean to fit her curvy figure, visionary entrepreneur Lee Ann Park launched the Little in the Middle ™ website in 2002. What was her goal? It was to determine if there was a need for clothing that truly fit a woman's curves. The first production was delivered in the fall of 2005. Finally, there was a jean on the market created one size smaller in the waist than the hips, appropriately honoring the moniker, Little in the Middle ™ .

“ Jeans that embrace your waist and hug your assets!” “High fashion does not have to be high priced!” - Lee Ann Park

Now, I'm curious to know if Lee Ann has considered the hourglass figures that have booty too. If any of you have tried these jeans, I'd love to hear your feedback!

And I'm not even going to comment on the tackaliciousness creative interpretation of the woman in the red jeans...

Little in the Middle can be bought in the US at True Jeans.

Anna Wintour to the Rescue  

Vogue editor, Anna Wintour has been sought out by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to help turn the declining retail sales back around:

CALLING ALL CUSTOMERS: Details of a far-reaching consumer initiative to take place this fall are expected to be unveiled sometime next week with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, designers and retail executives providing a united front in an attempt to jump-start business. The initiative is believed to have the participation of top city retailers and will come at a time when stores have been hard-hit by recession. Vacant storefronts are cropping up, tourism is off and layoffs have plagued several industries, from publishing to Wall Street. Activities will likely include various special events, from personal appearances to extended shopping hours, to lure customers back into the stores.

Although I think its a great idea to consult the industry authority, and I can't wait to see what creative marketing Anna comes up with, I think that extending shopping hours is a failed idea waiting to happen. Accessibility to stores has never been the problem. Hello??? We can get to the store, we just aren't BUYING anything!!! Not to mention the increased overhead costs (read: more debt) that it would take to do so.

Source: WWD