Fantasy Ride  

For Ciara's new album, Fantasy Ride, she enlisted celebrity stylist, Mariel Haenn to work with her on videos, including “Go Girl” and “Love Sex Magic,” as well as for most press and other appearances. “I really wanted to try her,” Ciara says. “She’s young and she’s new and I felt she was on to some really cool things.” Mariel is also Rihanna's stylist (Ciara is obvioulsy trying to step her game UP).

Coining her alter ego, "Supa C" (hated it), she is being very supportive of newer designers with innovative styles. “It’s almost like myself — I’m young and haven’t been doing this for a long, long time, so I relate [to young designers]. It’s cool to see them get opportunities to share their creative visions and to actually be successful at it...There is a lot of new energy and a lot of new ideas that these designers are bringing...It’s also cool to know what’s coming, to kind of be on top of something in the early stages.”

Will Ciara be able to use her Fantasy Ride transformation to catapult her style to a level that will allow her to join the ranks of fashionistas like The Emancipation of MiMi did for Mariah? (although her sometimes tackalicious style is clearly debatable) Or Good Girl Gone Bad for Rihanna?

Will CiCi join MiMi and Rih Rih? We shall si!

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