Weekend in Denim  

The weather is breaking and many in warmer climates *in Chicago cutting my eyes at you* are abandoning denim jeans for their spring dresses. However, some didn't disappoint:

Ciara looked super-cute from the ankle up dining at Da Silvana in NYC this weekend. I'm not really a fan of those over-embellished Louboutins...particularly with this outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens looked really cute sitting with boyfriend Zac Efron at the Lakers game yesterday. I still have a hunch that they are a staged couple, but they looked cute anyway.

Brandy, looking much more polished than usual (new wig perhaps? or maybe its her garanimal boots and bag) got a new job on a new television show so I guess she's feeling pretty good about herself these days. *psst* Hey Brandy, you don't have to be so matchy-matchy anymore...

Lauren Conrad, a fashion do with her well-fitted skinny jeans was spotted at the airport with her unknown friend, a fashion don't with her rolled-up not quite boyfriend jean. It looks more like the my-jeans-are-too-long-and-I-either-didn't-have-or-didn't-want-to-wear-a-pair-of-cute-fitting-jean jeans. If you're going to hang out with Lauren, pick up some tips along the way girl!

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I would normally have nothing to say about Zac Efron and his gf, but that is a really sweet pic. I know a lot of people think he's gay (who isn't??), but the way he's holding her ankle is so cute. It's such a boyfriend thing to do. Maybe he's a better actor than we think... LOL!