Heeeeere’s Grace!!!  

So apparently you CAN learn something from fictional tv and movies! I just had a flashback from the movie Boomerang (starring Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, etc) upon reading WWD's article about Grace Jones who played the infamous character of Strange.

She was scheduled to perform Tuesday night a star-studded party on a boat at the South Street Seaport for the celebration at Matthew Williamson’s collaboration with H&M at approximately 10:30pm. After an hour had gone by with no Grace and 29 minutes left into the party, she made her entrance...:

"Suddenly, Jones was there, descending to the dance floor in a clear glass elevator, wearing a cape and a mask the shape of a butterfly. “And now, ladies and gentleman,” a voice said. “Heeeeere’s Grace.”

From there, the diva performed a four-song set featuring “Slave to the Rhythm,” “Pull up to the Bumper,” “La Vie En Rose” and “Williams’ Blood,” a track from her new album, “Hurricane.” There were costume changes between each song, another mask, which appeared to be battery operated — it had red lights that moved throughout it — and a bustier that could have asphyxiated a weaker celebrity. Just about everyone proclaimed to be impressed."

How I would've LOVED to see that! And I cannot believe that THAT is the body of a 60 year old. Tina Turner didn't look that good! Take notes ladies...I sure am!

Check out the article and more pictures from the event:
Grace Jones Wows at Williamson H&M Event - Lifestyle News - WWD.com:

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