Did they go TOO far?  

At first glance, I thought that these celebs looked pretty on-point, but on second glance I had to wonder...

Did metrosexual (and super-hot hunk) David Beckham go too far with the thin pink scarf?

I mean, David can pretty much do anything he wants to and will look good, but the material AND color just = women's scarf...to ME anyway.

Did Kim Kardashian go too far wearing one too many eye-catching pieces in a single outfit?

Kim usually plays it pretty safe and I applaud her for pushing the fashion envelope a lot further than her usual form-fitting dress and heels, but the full skirt, studded belt, embellished bag, and exotic shoes??? I'm feeling dizzy. You know what? I think its the bag that could've stayed at home...

Did Jamie Foxx go too far with the purple sneakers?

I think his shirt, tie, sweater combo look great (a look that many guys don't do w/such a nice flair), but the purple sneakers??? Overkill.

Something just looks kinda off here. What are your thoughts?

For Tiff:

I think he DID get a little embarrassed...perhaps the paparazzi said something that made him insecure???

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I'm sorry, I just can't speak negatively about David. Yes, he's wearing Victoria's scarf but it's OK. Now if anyone else did it I would be VERY much against it. But David is pimping his wife's scarf and looks completely unapologetic. I love it.

@Tiff: I probably should've posted these suspect pictures in the first place, but his taking off the scarf after they started taking pictures of him shows that he just might be feeling a little apologetic afterall...