Weekend in Denim  

This past weekend, the celebs were out and about showing us some cute looks (and not so cute looks) with their denim.

Our winner, Beyonce, was out with her hubby shopping in New York. Is she looking extra cute for their anniversary??? I don't know, but this is the first time that Bey is looking like she has a stylist...and I'm about to run out and get my suspenders pronto!

HOWEVER...that big silver bag with all of those gold accents in that outfit??? Uhhh yeah, it isn't doing ANYTHING for your look Bey...at all.

Rihanna sported a denim jacket and a cute pair of jeans over her travel-filled weekend...where are you going Rih? And what are you doing Rih? I SO want to know!

Now, at first I wasn't going to say anything about Bey's jeans tugging across her legs for dear life until I saw the perfect fit of Rihanna's. I think I should point this out. Now obviously, Bey is wearing a more rigid jean and not one with much stretch, but sometimes you gotta pass on doing something different and go with what's going to fare better for the overall look. And I think that with the polished look she was trying to achieve, she should've passed on these jeans. Unless she was going for a more laid-back look swapping the 6" YSL stilettos for some cute sneakers.

BTW, I'm really over Rih's 'do. Its just not doing it for me anymore. Time for the hair stylists to reconvene.

Now, I usually really REALLY love Cassie's style, but WTF is going on around the ankles of her jeans??? And with all of the detail on her shoes??? Its just too much.

UPDATE: Ah! Ok so I found out what was going on around the ankles of her jeans...the detail of her shoes!!! Here are a picture of the Balmain studded sandals she was rocking:

I feel much better now, but I still think its too much going on.

And I know, I know this has nothing to do with denim, but I just had to express my disappointment with Ms. Michelle's Prague wardrobe choice. What is this bow/belt combo? Uh uh.

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