Michelle Obama's Style...Do you love it?  

Michelle Obama released her official white house portrait donning a black crepe jersey racer-back gown from Kors’ spring collection and a double strand pearl necklace. She looks absolutely FABULOUS, but I'm really uncertain about her style. I think its great that you can't put her in a box, but as much as I love her (LOVE LOVE LOVE her), sometimes she leaves a little something to be desired.

Here are some looks we LOVE:

And, this has nothing to do w/fashion, but we absolutely love this look:

They are SO cute!

And...here are some looks that we DON'T love so much:

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She is still finding her way. Even her missteps are better than some people's best try.

I will comment on the eggplant outfit from the Pres address to Congress... Although purple is my FAV color and it was a gorgeous color on her, it bothered me she was wearing sleeveless in February. If they were in Jamaica, that’s fine... but its cold in DC. Sleeveless for after 5 or formal wear is ok in winter, but not in that setting. I wanted her to put on a jacket.

Yaay for the color! Nay on the style.

On the other hand Dr. Jill Biden was appropriately dressed. Her 3/4 sleeve was apropos and it looked great. I think we should spend a lil time talking about her, cuz she always looks fierce as well!


I know there are plenty of outfits she's worn with flats that look good. But seeing the pics you posted, I was thinking that she must really enjoy going out by herself (sans Barack) sometimes and getting a chance to rock some real heels.

Oh, what we women do for our men... LOL!

I also really love the fact that you can't put her in a box though. Plus she seems confident and comfortable in pretty much everything she wears, which scores major points with me.


I love when she does flats with capri pants and SOME of the dresses she wears, but I mean....

Kimora towered over Rus for years with no problem, so maybe Michelle should just go ahead and rock the heals sometimes without regard to Barack's height.


And this has nothing to do with fashion...but is there a way to contact her eyebrow technician and have him or her tone it down a bit??? I don't like my first lady looking like she is saying "RAAAAWWWRRR" (like she's jumping out to scare someone) all the time. Just a thought...lol.


LOL, at the eyebrows...it is a STRONG arch. It makers her LOOK like a go-getter!