Avoiding the Muffin Top  

Since low-rise jeans resurfaced some years ago, they have become the status quo for denim designers. It is almost impossible to pick up a pair of jeans that have a rise of 7+ inches. So, whether they have fuller tummies or not, many women end up looking like this:

Ok ok, so that was a little extreme, but here's an image that I'm sure you see everyday:

And then many others just denounce jeans altogether...but, you don't have to!!! Here are some tips for getting a good fit for your stomach:

* Buy a mid rise jean. They ARE out there! These are jeans where the rise (length
from waist to crotch) is about 8 inches. Don't be afraid that you'll look like
your mom. Often times, low-rise jeans fit poorly simply b/c they weren't made for
most body types. If there isn't enough material in the jean to pull up over your
booty and hips, stop trying! It isn't you! Besides, wearing a mid-rise jean will
give you a low-rise look...WITHOUT the ill fit.

* If you do have more tummy, buy a higher-rise jean and wear a longer A-line or
flowy top...something that stops around your upper to mid thigh. That way you can
buy the jean to fit your true waist w/o compromising the fit through the
thigh/leg. If you are on the road to trying to lose your stomach, later on you can
just tuck your shirt inside the jean and rock the high-rise trend with a cute
belt. Just be aware of your silhouette. You want a line that is lean so avoid a
skinnier leg and go for straight, bootcut, or wider leg styles. The larger your
midsection, the wider the leg opening should be or you'll just highlight that you
are wider around the middle. You've got to strike a balance. Just stay away from
the flare leg...not only is that not trendy right now, but it compliments very few
body types.

* If you don't have a larger stomach, this post still applies to you. As I said, its
not about you, its about the jean. And even though you may be the poster girl of
physical fitness, it is possible for you to have a muffin top too. Just look at
our girl Britney:


* Finally, if you have a pair of low-rise jeans that you just absolutely love and
must wear *sigh*, just follow the same rules and wear a top that doesn't display
your stomach peeking out of your jeans...and don't forget those low-rise panties!!!

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Ok, so I have a love/hate relationship with low rise jeans. I love them b/c they're the style and can fi cute, especially considering they lengthen my torso.I hate them b/c I have a big butt and always fear that it's hanging out when I bend down. It's very hard to find the perfect low rise

Muffin top... I could say sooo much. I have had a hard time with this over the years. Lately I have found the right fit jeans at Lane Bryant to be good for me. Since I am not hippy or bootylicious they have a cut that accentuates my curves, fits my waist and looks nice and fashion forward.

I still think from years of ill fitting jeans, I could prob by them a little snugger, but I am getting there...

You should always buy your jeans snug...especially if they have stretch. You don't want the seat sagging on you in a few months.

Ok, I really needed this post. I LOVE jeans, but oftentimes lately find myself just wanting to wear skirts and/or dresses to avoid the ill-fitting jeans over the stomach.

Is there a brand that really does mid-rise well? I'd be very interested to know and try those...

Also, it's really hard to get tight fit because some jeans will be tight in the stomach area, but not the fit I want in the thigh, butt, etc.


Hey, ain't nuffin' wrong with a little muffin top. :D (after all, it's the best part of the muffin.)