Attack of The Catsuit!!!  

Oh no! Please don't tell me that the catsuit is "back!" "Back" being in quotation marks because although it is never deemed as a "DO" by the fashion gods, every few years somebody decides that its time for it to make a "comeback" anyway. This time, the offenders are Lil' Kim and Kanye West's new lady-of-the-moment, Amber Rose.

I think that Amber Rose has a great figure, and Lord knows this woman loves her some spandex, but I think she should've left this ensemble at home. Even when you have an enviable figure, the only time these should be featured is on Halloween. Lil' Kim? NO excuses, she just looks trashy.


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Personally, I have some friends who will be VERY happy with this new development.

I must say, while I really don't enjoy the catsuit, I much rather enjoy the skinny leg spandex catsuits vs. the flare leg/bell bottom ones that were popular years ago. I know it's a lesser of evils, but that's just my 2 cents...

As their friend, I would tell them "DON'T DO IT!!!"

Flamin. Hott. Mess.

I like Amber's shoes though. :o)