Andre 3000 / Benjamin Bixby  

By now, we're all pretty unsurprised at the fashion stylings of Andre 3000. He's been seen in fur pants, turbans, and jerseys. So, it wasn't much of a surprise when he announced a year ago that he was starting his own fashion line - Benjamin Bixby.

Such images, drawn from college football circa 1935, inspired his new clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, thanks to a documentary he stumbled across on TV one night. Consisting of 70 pieces, the line is self-funded and was picked up by Barney's and Harrods last fall. (Benjamin is a fashion autodidact: He has taken advice from Anna Wintour (who invited him to a Met gala), he has sketched the clothes himself, he has been to Italian factories and Parisian textile fairs.

We weren't so sure about the market for these wildly colorful expensive clothes, but Congrats to Andre! He just had a launch party for his Spring 09 Menswear line at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street in Toronto.

I wouldn't really want my man in these getups, but I think the style would make for a great women's line...which he DOES plan to do.

Let's take a look at his wild variety of looks:

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Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to see my man in ANY of this stuff, but Dre is kinda Pince-ish (I say kinda, cuz no one is Prince) in the way that he can make some womanly clothing look sexy. Anyone else agree/disagree? I also LOVE that he has his own style and seems really comfortable in it. Kudos to him!!!

I, too, can't wait to see the women's line.

He is definitely an ORIGINAL. I would be interested in the woman's line as well.

I have a hard time comparing anyone to mind just doesn't function that way. I do appreciate him having his own sense of style ESPECIALLY having come out of Atl. I know the homies were riding him really hard at first...until he started making all of that money.

I'll try to keep a lookout for a women's line. Hopefully, it will be be more successful (and appealing) than the highly anticipated (well, at least for me) Sean John's women line. I got some cute pieces when it first came out, but then it got too sporty, and now I just don't really see it at all where I shop.