Running for The Hills  

MTV's reality show The Hills, that followed Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad to Los Angeles in her pursuit of a fashion education and career, has opened doors for her as well as her costars.

Herself, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, and now Audrina Patridge have all used their fame to launch their own collections. While they are all of a different style, they have one thing in common - they are underwhelming at best.


Lauren's line, the Lauren Conrad Collection, has simple silhouettes which make great basics, but require severe accessorizing to create a "fashionable" look. In her defense though, she is from SoCal and the looks are inspired by their laid-back style. Here are 3 of her more eye-catching styles from the 2009 Fall/Winter collection:


Move along folks, there's nothing here to see...
LOL no, but seriously, Anchor Blue has reportedly dropped Heidi Montag’s fashion line, Heidiwood, in an effort to focus almost exclusively on denim. That's not a bad idea if you ask me. Jeans rock!
Though just in case you were curious, here are some images from her online lookbook that we could've looked forward to seeing in her would've been fashion line:

Whitney Port's line, Whitney Eve, has um, interesting looks that I can definitely see her in. The line got picked up by Kitson and this particular dress retails for $345. I say no way, but to each her own.


Audrina Patridge, who will probably have the least success of the four women, although she has the most attractive line AND its denim (take notes Heidi) has signed a deal with denim line, Divine Rights of Denim. She is not only the face of the brand, but she also co-designed their latest line. It is definitely a budget-friendly brand - most are priced below $100. I wonder if Justin Bobby is the hairstylist for her ads...

I'm not one of those people who unconditionally love to root for the underdog, but I've got to go with Audrina on this one. I think the jeans are really cute AND they are under $100?! I'm ALL over these!

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I never really liked Heidi. And that line was ugly anyway. Do people even like her enough to want to buy those ugly clothes?


Whitney's really is the worst. I like Audrina's. I could use some $100 jeans.