Weekend Denim Recap  

The celebrities were out and about this weekend in their straight-leg denim. Straight-leg denim jeans are a great staple b/c you can wear the same pair with flats, heels, or sneakers WITHOUT necessarily paying for a tailor.

Halle was out no doubt shopping for Nahla's first birthday looking effortlessly chic as usual. No mom jeans here.

Beyonce was out looking....well, pretty regular. We don't like regular... HOWEVER, nothing about that rock is regular, so she gets a pass.

Brandy came out to Rihanna's belated birthday dinner party looking like she just heard about it on her way to the mall. Yeah, you're busted looking WACK and you know it too cause the look is all over your face. Don't get us wrong, the FIT of her jeans is cute, but this outfit is not event-appropriate at all.

*cue Jay-Z's And the winner is....*

Why is the one with the most drama, looking the most fabulous?! Who cares! I think she may be back! This is a PERFECT example of how the right pieces and accessories make an outfit.
White tee and jeans + fabulous coat, gloves, matching heels, and shades =

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Rhi Rhi is looking TOO FAB. I LOVE her outfit. Hair looks cute also. Interesting that Brandy was at Rhi Rhi's dinner party though. No one informed me they were cool... LOL!

OK that's it. I've held it in long enough. I am using this forum to proudly announce that I am no longer in the closet. I am SO a Rihanna fan! I love her! She's fab and I think that helps me ignore the fact that she really can't sing. But she keeps making hits that I can't help but enjoy. I'm out!

I'm not a fan of her "talent" either...but I would love to be her shopping buddy!