Double Denim Fashion Trend: It's Fugly  

Please see's take on this awful double denim "trend" that has been lurking around. They beat me to the punch. I've noticed this too, and I believe this is a trend that should NEVER resurface. I do, however, know some people who would be thrilled to dust off their "denim fits" and hit the town let's shut this down before they hear about it.

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And SMH about their adding hammer pants to the banned list. Just saw some BCBG ones yesterday. Unfortunately, some of these awful trends are going to slip through the cracks.

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Seriously, very little good fashion came from the 80s and early 90s. I'm good with the double denim just like I'm straight on wearing multiple color socks to match my fit. (Don't judge me. I was 11 and it was acceptable at the time.)


I was just telling someone that my fave outfit used to be hammer pants, polka dot tee, and patent leather lace-ups. I LOVED it.

While I'm not a fan of hammer pants re-emerging (I know they're trying), I have to admit, I've seen a few cotton pair that look really comfy. Like big ole' comfy jogging pants. I might have to defect...

Ooh, and then they finally came out with the socks that had 2 little mini tubes that you could slip up your ankle and fold over to look like you were layering different color socks. I was all over those.


Well, you couldn't be more wrong. Mixing denim pieces is actually in this season. The key, however, is to make sure that the washes are of different shades.

@ Anonymous:

I didn't refute that it was a trend, I just said that it was ugly...IMHO.

Thanks for the tip on how to wear it though! People definitely need to know how to wear it if they dare to. That's why most trends go terribly wrong lol.


To each his own. I have been wearing "double denim" since 2003. I cringe that it has become a "trend." What the h*ll..?