The Better Looks of Rihanna  

So, by now I'm sure that everyone has seen that picture of Rihanna all battered and bruised....not a good look. AND, by now I'm sure that everyone has seen and heard of her and Chris "I used to LOVE him, but not so much anymore" Brown kicking it in Miami at Diddy's house and now holed up together at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel together...REALLY NOT a good look.

One of my girlfriends and I had a convo yesterday about how we think that Rihanna loses many points and should probably lose some of her endorsements as well because she is sooo not a role model right now. And it got me to thinking - remember the good old days when she was FABULOUS?! I call this...An Ode to Rih Rih *tear*

*deep sigh* Awww, Rih Rih....COME BACK!!!!

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Ok, so not to be judgemental, but I agree, what the heck message is this sending? If he loses his endorsements for being the abuser, then why shouldn't she lose hers for heing the weak abused woman who goes back to the ABUSER! And damn, can she have waited more than a week? ANyway, I heard he came back with gifts...what were they? Do tell! :)


I heard she got diamonds! He should've been bringing a purple diamond like kobe gave vanessa!