Stick a fork in them b/c they are OVERdone!  

I really endorse pushing the fashion envelope and taking risks, but I realize that its the BAD choices that people make that discourage others from taking a chance. Nobody wants to look like a fool and there is indeed a fine line b/w fashionable and foolish.

We often look to celebrities to dictate how a look should be pulled off, and there are some which never seem to do any wrong. Well, even a good girl can go bad.

Here is what NOT to do with Spring 2009 trends:

Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto's overaccessorized dress took something that could've been elegant and chic to downright garish. There should be one point of accentuation that should draw the eye, not several.

Eva Mendes, who is usually quite well dressed, went overboard with the Spring floral. Its just too many flowers and too much fabric! This look would've faired much better in a shorter length or a larger print...and the larger print still would've been pushing it.

Geometric lines are really popular, but don't wear a trend if it isn't going to flatter you. I totally condone accentuating the positive, but this is OVERaccentuation! If you are fortunate enough to have natural curves in all of the right places, emphasizing them even further will make you look like a cariacature. And until that's a look, its a DON'T.

Oh Aubrey. This girl just tries too hard. The bright color dress alone would have sufficed, but the bright dress, belt, clunky shoe, big hair, headband, white dog...TOO MUCH.

The same K.I.S.S. method that applies to marketing often applies to dressing...Keep It Simple Stupid!

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