Weekend in Denim  

It wasn't a very exciting weekend in denim...

but the NBA Finals brought out a few celebs:

Jess arrived at the Lakers game with her boyfriend Tony in her True Religion Joey jeans. She's been playing it extra low key, isn't she? I wonder if she's preparing for a comeback...

Rihanna looked like she had a great time at the game in her J Brand Wounded Knee jeans. Whoa, those heeled Chucks shoes really take me back...

I've been wondering: why do most of these celebs root SO hard for the Lakers when they aren't even from L.A??? I don't get it.

and then there were the traveling celebs:

Victoria Beckham arrived in LAX looking fab as usual in her denim cutoffs.

Hayden arrived in her Paige jeans. Hey! Where are your people? Why are you pulling your own suitcase!?

Kim (who looks great might I add), arrived wearing a cute pair of Siwy jeans. Note to Hayden: she doesn't even have a job and she's not carrying her suitcase.

and then we have those who are just out and about:

Miley Cyrus had on a cute pair of 7 for all Mankinds.

Here we have Offender #310, Christina Milian in her double denim...blech. The light wash double denim and the hair make her look like she was just time-warped from 1988.

Sasha Obama was seen in her jeans while shopping in Paris for her 8th birthday. Cute!

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