Trendsetter : Alice Dellal  

Personally, I wasn't familiar with Brazilian model Alice Dellal, but her ability to start the craziest trend has made her famous to me: shaving half of her head. And while I hate her for it, I have this overwhelming sense of admiration for her too.

“I love ’90s grunge and punk,” says Alice. Well, you don't say???

Alice (right) single-handedly inspired the stylists of the Issa show in London: Half the models walked the runway in buns lobbed to one side while stylists created the illusion of a half-shaven head with bobby pins and hairspray on the other half (pic on left). [Beauty Counter/]

And NOW, she has the most unlikely celebs ("unlikely" meaning not grunge/punk rockstars, but feminine chicks who usually have great hair) following in her footsteps:



Um, Eve is that a braid too?

Now, I love love love a great trend, but before you run off and shave a side of your head when you wear your hair longer than ear length, you gotta think about the after... Unless you're dropping an album soon and your and Diddy's master plan to drop your nude photos were foiled and overshadowed by the prior reveal of a much bigger and relevant celeb's nude photos courtesy of her abusive ex-boyfriend...

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LOL!!!! Poor Cassie..just can't get a break.