Red Carpet - B.E.T. Awards 2009  

Last night's BET Awards were interesting to say the least. It is the first time that I have looked forward to them, watched then in their entirety, and was completely entertained from start to finish. While I think they could've done better, considering they took on the challenge of totally revamping the show in 3 days to honor Michael Jackson, I think the deserve beaucoup kudos.

So, here we go with the Red Carpet rundown...

The Good

Adrienne Bailon looked really striking in a short billowy mini... I love the color too!

 Taraji looked great in this one-armed slinky dress.

You know, usually Sherri Shepherd doesn't match her clothing with her body proportions very well, but she looked great last night!

Tatyana looked radiant, but I don't care if you're a size 2, if your silhouette isn't looking very smooth, Spanx should be your friend.

You know I'm just a sucker for a jumper, and Toccara is working this one!

Zoe Saldana looked her usual chic self.

Miss Alicia Keys wore two similar style dresses, but I like the second one much better. Her hair looks great too!

Beyonce looked really good too. Her shoes were interesting though. I wouldn't wear them, but I can appreciate them.

KeKe Palmer is such a cutie. She is the quintessential role-model for our young girls. I am willing to bet money that we will never see her Britney, stumbling out of the club drunk, or out looking like a little trollop.

And here is the Red Carpet nightmare of the evening: Amber Rose and Amerie wore the same Alexander McQueeen dress. Oh noooooooooo!!!!

Obviously Amerie has a more styled look, and I LOVE thosoe Alexander McQueen booties that Amerie is wearing, BUT I'm sorry, Amber's body is too fly for someone with small curves too compete. 

The Bad

Here is Chaka Kahn and Monica rocking the Heat Stroke Chic look...

Ciara didn't impress me with either of her looks. Especially the three color blacks she's wearing in the second picture.

This summer denim dress and church usher glove is not doing it for me.

Keri Hilson's skin looks AMAZING! The dress? Not so much. Its way too busy.

The Ugly

Cassie, who's usually on my Best Dressed list, disappointed me. The hair, the dress, the loose-fitting boots, the over-accessorizing...need I go on???

*deep sigh* Oh, Lil Mama....

Whoa Melody!!!! Why would you want to give the illusion that your booty is hanging out? This is neither cute nor sexy! I'm still not 100% sure that her booty is NOT hanging out...

Ne-Yo's girlfriend, Tennille really is a cute girl, but you wouldn't know it from seeing her last night...

The Miscellaneous

 While not impressive enough to make The Good list, I thought that Kim Coles looked really nice.

I really like Tyra's outfit...for the workplace, not an awards show.

Queen Latifah, who usually keeps a low-maintenance look, looked really glamorous last night, and I liked it! I really, really liked it!

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