Plain Wrap  

This spring, Rock & Republic introduced a limited collection appropriately named the Recession Collection. The styles were more classic with fewer embellishments and retailed for less than 22% of their core line. This fall, they will be introducing a spin-off of the spin-off, named Plain Wrap.

Plain Wrap, a collection of jeans, hoodies, leggings, shoes, etc in a basic palette of black, white and blue, can be identified by its branding. The branding is actually the name of the item, rather than the Rock & Republic logo. That's right! The jeans are emblazoned with "JEANS", leggings with "LEGGINGS," and stilletos with "STILLETOS"...seriously! The line will retail for $36-$198.

The goal is to target younger consumers as well as adjust to the state of the economy, but I'm wondering what item the $198 price tag will be attached to...that's not a very recession-friendly price for any of these articles of clothing...

You will be able to find Plain Wrap at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Rock & Republic's website, and its freestanding stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I actually DO like the sneakers LOL!

Source: WWD

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