Week in Denim  

Halle sure does love her boyfriend jeans.

Latoya Jackson dined at Mr. Chow's rocking wearing the ripped denim trend. I sincerely believe that she's unintentionally being trendy and had never stopped wearing them (along with this animal print).

Melodye Thornton was at Mr. Chow's too. Aww, her jeans look like mine! So, I LOVE these...but, I'm biased.

Penelope Cruz (who is 4 months pregnant BTW), was spotted in a Madrid airport in a cute pair of wide-leg jeans.

*gasp* Breaking News: Britney Spears Victoria Beckham braless and in  FLIP FLOPS!!! I guess everybody gets a pass at one time or another...

Ciara wore a denim tube dress that looks similar to the dress Rihanna wore last week. This isn't the first time that their stylist had them wearing the same thing. Somebody needs to be FIRED.

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