The Right to Bear Legs??? Absolutely!  

First Lady, Michelle Obama visited the Grand Canyon with her family on Sunday, to later be ridiculed by the public for wearing...shorts. I know, you're like "why in the???" but some seem to think that her wearing shorts was "inappropriate." I'm confused here. What exactly is inappropriate about wearing shorts in 106 degree weather??? These shorts were neither too short, nor sexy, so what's the problem?
I think people seem to forget that we haven't had a first lady without cellulite and varicose veins since Jackie O, when these antiquated views of what ladies should and should not wear were prevalent. Therefore, in 2009 there's nothing wrong or "inappropriate" about a fit and toned woman keeping it classy and cool.


UPDATE: August 28: While on vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Mrs. Michelle wore another pair of shorts (albeit longer). Clearly, she isn't paying the naysayers any mind.

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The question is do you think she will give into the pressure and not wear shorts again?

I doubt it. She may wear a longer pair next time though.