ANTM Cycle 13  

America's Next Top Model has revealed the 14 girls that have been selected to compete for the title in the 13th cycle. The contenders range from ages 18 to 23 years old and stand at a height of 5'7" and under. However, from what I hear, most of these girls are closer to 5'7"...I guess we were wrong to think that they'd go for shock value and pick truly "petite" girls, huh? Hello?!! 5'7" is NOT short Tyra!!!

             Ashley                                                                          Bianca

            Britanny                                                                          Courtney
                Erin                                                                             Jennifer
               Kara                                                                             Laura
               Lisa                                                                             LuLu 
            Nicole                                                                           Rachel    
                Rae                                                                               Sundai 
Off of these pictures alone, my preliminary favorite is Courtney. She has a cute look, but she obviously works out and while I like muscle tone over skin 'n bone, I'm wondering if her athletic frame will work against her. Who is your fave of the 14 girls???

The season airs on September 9th.                                                                                              

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