Sex and the City 2: Casting Call  

Today, there was an open casting call for extras for Sex and the City 2 in Chelsea, and it brought people of all walks of nature out of the woodworks.

Here are my takes on some of the hopefuls:

The Good

These two girls are a breath of fresh air, and super fashionable. They look like they walk the walk. This is what SATC is all about!

I like her look. Do I see her being cast as an extra walking down street with a cup of java? No.

As an extra in Carrie's publisher's office? YES!

The good news? You guys look great!

The bad news? Coming together looking like a boy band is only going to get 2 of you cast...max. And I've already chosen the guy with the ponytail and sneakers as Guy #1.

With this NYCasual look, she's a no-brainer.

Simple look, a color palette that's easy on the eyes, and nicely accessorized. I just hope that is a shopping tote/prop and not a purse on his shoulder....

Aww, nice! Now make a decision: tuck in the shirt or pull it out. Oh, and  lose the hat. You don't want to cover up that cute smile now, do you?!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes to all 4 of you!

The Bad
Now, this lady truly did have an endearing story:

“I never wear heels this high. I had knee replacement surgery a year and a half ago, and I couldn’t wear heels that much. I’m glad these are comfortable today.”

Nice story, but this ensemble is a little costume-y. Let's have wardrobe put her in some new digs and cast her.

N-n-no-no! Please don't combine a hodgepodge of trends into one look: the glasses, summer scarf? (is that a scarf or printed pashmina?), denim cutoffs, church shoes, wrist accessories, and his umbrella...ella...ella...ay. This is not an extra's outfit, he would steal the a bad way.

If you really don't know how to be fashionable, now is NOT the time to try.

The cutie behind them with the Puma bag has a good look though.

These sex siren shoes with the Pollyanna skirt is a no-no. My suggestion? Keep the shoes and go with a white fitted tank dress. She would've made the evening club/bar scene easily.

The Ugly
*deep sigh* Need I say more???

The Miscellaneous
Now these two women don't have on anything special, but the likelihood of them being cast as-is is a lot higher than anyone else I've seen. This is what an extra is supposed to look like.

Source: WWD

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