How to Style Tie Dyed Denim - Denimology  

Denimology has a cool article on how to style the bleached / tie-dyed denim trend. While there are no "rules" for doing so, it provides some good direction. Click the link to read more.

How to Style Tie Dyed Denim - Denimology

Hating the Look: Lil' Kim  

Here is Lil Kim out in Miami showing us an obvious DON'T. Which "don't," you ask? Pick one. Too-short shorts (note: there is such a thing after a certain age despite what the trends are or how "good" you look for your age), showgirl heels, and baring her tummy (see previous note)??? Uh uh. Even if you are a young and fit 20-something, one of these looks is plenty in a single outfit.

Week In Denim  

Rihanna wore a denim tube dress (I feel like I'm being taken back to the late 1990s with this dress) and an interesting-looking hat. It would've been nice for her to break up all of the blue with a different color accessory.

Lindsay Lohan was out shopping in some cute ripped jeans. BTW, I'm finally going to make mine this weekend so I'll post the process and pics next week...wish me luck! I would hate to mess up a pair of jeans for nothing.

Here is Keri Hilson, The Dream, and Christina Milian at BET's Rising Icons Premiere Party. Keri really loves gray jeans!

Kim Kardashian was spotted in NYC wearing my fave ripped jeans of the moment, the Siwy Hannah in Snowstorm. She looks a little off, perhaps her breakup with boyfriend Reggie Bush had something to do with it...

Katy Perry was out in a tie-dye jumper that I have mixed feelings about. Hmm, on second thought, I kinda love it! Katy would do the jumper more justice if she bothered to wear the appropriate brassiere a bra period.

Hilary Duff Designs for DKNY Jeans  

Hilary Duff designed the new Femme for DKNY Jeans line that launches in stores next month. The target market is more youthful, as it will be advertised in Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue.

For this younger demographic, I think the looks on the right are cute and age-appropriate, but Hilary's look??? A bit sexy for the classroom..dont cha think?

Sasha Fierce???  

Here is the ad for Beyonce's Sasha not that Fierce line. Of course, the promotional picture is SOOOO much better than the actual line (click for photos of the underwhelming looks) and would make you think the line was really cute. Boo!

Come Get Your Mother, Part Deux  

This post would've been more appropriately titled, "Keyshia, Come Get Your Mother," as Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mother is the perpetrator in every instance.

Frankie wearing her denim 'fit.

Frankie AGAIN, wearing a leopard dress and...turtleneck???

And YET AGAIN wearing a denim jacket with a fur-ry trim.

She has a very diversified and consistent style of wrong. Good thing her sense of style wasn't passed along to Keyshia...

New Marc Jacobs Tees Demand Gays’ Right to Wed  

The Taxes Tee and Family Tee, $24 each.

Marc Jacobs has released a new tee in support of gay marriage, each with the words "I pay my taxes, I want my RIGHTS!" Perhaps this movement was inspired by his March engagement to cutie, Lorenzo Martone???

Bret Paterson, manager of the  Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories store in NYC says they've been selling. The response has been positive as they've been unpacking them over the past couple of days — mainly a mix of "well, they deserve it," remarks and delighted laughter, he says. According to a rep from the showroom, both are available in limited runs of around 200.

I would LOVE to see someone brazenly rock this t-shirt at the company picnic!

Source: The Cut

The New Face of Hudson Jeans: Georgia May Jagger  

Georgia May Jagger, the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, is making her debut as the face of Hudson Jeans.

The Los Angeles-based denim brand, which got a $30 million investment from Fireman Capital Partners and Webster Capital this year, is expanding its mix and will kick off a fall ad campaign featuring rock progeny Georgia May Jagger. Hudson Jeans also is considering the launch of a retail concept.

“One of the key things the investment allows us to do is further the creative process,” chief executive officer Peter Kim said. “When Hudson was founded, the vision was to be the next great iconic brand. The investment brought us resources to take this business from where we are today to where we expect to be when we grow up.”

Advertising executive David Lipman, who is one of Hudson’s investors and an operating partner at Fireman Capital, has taken on the creative direction of the campaign. He also is chairman of Lipman, the agency handling the account, and tapped 17-year-old Jagger for the campaign, which was shot last month in London by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Camilla Nickerson.

“It’s all about her genes — literally and figuratively,” Lipman said at the shoot in an East London studio. “It’s all about the heritage of having Mick Jagger as a dad and Jerry Hall as a mum. But more than anything, it’s her spirit that captivates me.”

Lipman noted that Jagger’s English and American lineage mirrors Hudson’s brand, which has a Union Jack logo. Among the campaign images are ones of Jagger wearing denim cutoffs and lounging on a Union Jack pillow or posing in ripped, bleached jeans against the background of an elegantly disheveled apartment, complete with beat-up leather armchairs and worn afghan rugs.

“It’s the biggest campaign we’ve ever done, and it will take the brand to that next level,” Kim said.

Hey, being the offspring of rockstar royalty and a sex icon worked for Zoe Kravitz, but I have to admit that I REALLY like her look. "Look" meaning the gap in her teeth. It definitely works for her in a way that doesn't work for most, I should know. *silently giving gratitude to my mom for making sure that orthodontia entered my life at an early age*

Her parents, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

Source: WWD

Week in Denim  

Hayden Panetierre has been wearing the perfect fit of jeans lately. She is SO cute!

Halle Berry returned to LA from her lengthy South Beach vacation with her family clad in her boyfriend jeans. This is a great and stylish, yet comfortable look for traveling, FYI.

Ciara, who has joined the ranks of celebrities who are making the big chop (although I don't know how much of her long locks were natural to begin with to call confidently call it a "big" chop, but whatever), stepped out of her Lambo in LA in her bleached jeans and a crisp white cotton blouse.

Michelle Williams looks like she was busted by the London paparazzi trying to make a quick run under the radar.

Amber Rose was in NYC with her blonde hair again...glad she got rid of the turquoise.

Monica and her make-up artist, Christian. *crickets* LOL, I know! That's what I said!!! However, my friend who lives in Atlanta who is familiar with Christian, told me that he has a very lucrative career and "gets that paper." So, I'm going to leave him

Now Its Official! The Haircuts Have Gone TOO Far!  

So Mel B. has officially lost her friggin' mind! She has given her daughter Angel Iris, the daughter she shares (kinda) with Eddie Murphy a mohawk! A baby boy may be able to survive this hairstyle and be considered "cool" for this look (we'll see how Maddox Jolie-Pitt turns out before we confirm), but Mel should be mollywopped for this one. I can just see poor Iris in some psychiatrist's chair 20, no make that 10 years from now talking about the serious issues she faces that partly stem from the traumatic experience of being given this awful hairstyle.
See below how Mel B. and her other daughter, Phoenix-Chi each have a head of beautiful curls, and Angel Iris gets a haircut that only Mel B seems to be proud of??? Mark my words - THERAPY.

Now, I am all about kids giving your kids some style, but parents, please be conservative on what style choices you make for them. Its hard enough to grow up without being teased for something as it is regardless of how cute you are!

Hating the Look: Solange Knowles  

They say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, Tuesday, Mrs. Obama revealed her new cute and sassy haircut, and now Solange has followed up with this poor-looking, broke-off, I-am-three-years-old-and-my-momma-cut-my-hair-believing-she-could-for-the-first-and-last-time-after-my-daddy-sees-this-mess fade. I am all for the almost-bald female haircut (i.e. Amber Rose), but I wouldn't date a guy that came up to me looking like this, so I expect way more from her...WAY!!!
I am really sitting here in complete and utter shock and disatisfaction. Did she do this herself? Did she go to a trained barber/hairstylist? Why isn't it lined up? Why isn't it moisturized? Why isn't it brushed? Just...WHY...???

Michelle Obama's New Haircut  

First Lady Michelle Obama debuted a new hairdo courtesy of hairstylist Johnny Wright at a White House reception for country music stars last night (Charley Pride, Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss, and Union Station performed). The look is longer in the front, but much shorter on the sides and in the back. 
I am really feeling it too! It makes her look younger and fresher.

UPDATE: Whoa! So apparently, we were tricked! Johnny pinned up her hair to get an idea of the look (and probably the public response) before he actually does cut it. I think the shorter look suits her more, but I can't blame them for testing it out rather than just going with the blind cut...SOLANGE! Anyway, Johnny should probably just go ahead and cut it now...

Haute Look: Current/Elliott Sale  

Haute Look is having a sale on the "it" brand of the moment, Current/Elliiott. There are 15 styles of jeans and shorts, and while the selection left me underwhelmed, prices are marked down by 45%. So, it wouldn't hurt to check it out. You may just luck up and see something that you like.

The sale ends Friday at 1am CST.

Black Barbie  

BARBIE has scored a starring role in Vogue Italia's most iconic edition; the Black Issue, as the magazine styles the iconic doll in a collector's supplement. In July 2008, Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, conceived the first Black Issue, starring models including Iman, Naomi Campbell, Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez and Jourdan Dunn - with the intention of sending a message to the fashion world about the importance of diversity in fashion.
"Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie," Sozzani said.
The first black doll from Barbie was introduced in 1967, as a friend of Barbie called Francie, followed by the first "Black Barbie" doll, introduced in 1980. The trend continues this autumn with the launch of a collection of black Barbie dolls, called the So In Style dolls; which have been designed with more authentic-looking black features, including a new facial sculpt that has fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinctive cheek bones and curlier hair.
"Barbie has been a mirror of the times for 50 years and continues to reflect the trends and interests of the day," Richard Dickson, senior vice president of Barbie said. The So In Style dolls will be available early next year - visit for more information.

UPDATE: Here are some more pictures from the spread.

Hating the Look: Terrell Owens  

So Terrell Owens had a premiere party this weekend at the Mondrian Hotel for his new VH1 reality show, and if he wanted attention, he surely got it. He didn't forget to accessorize his jeans/leather jacket oufit, but he forgot his shirt...NOT sexy.

Week In Denim  

Queen Latifah was spotted on the set of her new movie in NYC. Whether rocking a sporty look or a chic one, she always looks great.

Jessica Alba was spotted leaving lunch in LA. I love the color of these jeans! Take note: if you're going to wear brightly colored jeans, its usually best to pair with neutrals.

I love the wash of Amber Rose's jeans, but I'd like them even more if those awkward DIY-looking holes weren't in them.

Whitney Houston was spotted in a long denim trench and denim jeans at the airport. This is the worst kind of double denim. It doesn't look like she tried the trend on purpose.

Rihanna was spotted leaving lunch in NY yesterday. She's not making her usual super-fashionable appearance, but the fit of these jeans are on point! However, those pointy dagger-like nails are not...
Lisa Raye was spotted out with a DIY-looking hole too.

Haute Look - William Rast Sale  

Haute Look is having a sale on William Rast jeans that ends Saturday at 1AM CST. There are about 15 different styles, and while there are straight legs, bootcuts, and skinnies, there is a disproportionate number of flare legs. Flare legs? Seriously??? Who is wearing those??? ANYWAY, they are discounted at 52% off.

Gilt Groupe: J Brand Sale!!!  

Ok, so here's the deal. Gilt Groupe is currently having a sale on J Brand denim, and I think its an excellent one! There are 54 different items and the selection is great! There are a large variety of styles and washes, and they have some super cute denim legging-type jeans. They are all marked at $78 - 88 from $158 - 238 and are going fast!

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit:

Loving the Look: Barack Obama  

President Barack Obama threw the ceremonial first pitch before the All-Star Game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis yesterday. He wore a pair of jeans and a black baseball jacket emblazoned with a white script S-O-X down the left side. "My wife thinks that I look cute in this jacket," he said later on the Fox game telecast.

Well, I have to admit that although he could've worn some more fashionable men's jeans, he gets a pass. Why? Because
  1. He's the president 
  2. He's attractive enough that he doesn't have to be a fashionable man at all times and like his wife, Michelle said, he does look cute in that jacket.
  3. He's from my side of town which means he loves the White Sox (sorry Cubs fans)
  4. I LOVE him and am totally biased
  He even practiced a bit beforehand to make sure he got it right.

"Well, I think it's fair to say that I wanted to loosen up my arm a little bit," he said. "You know, my general strategy the last time I threw a pitch was at the American League Championship Series, and I just wanted to keep it high.

Here he is throwing that last pitch in a slightly more fitted pair of jeans. Gotta love him!

Gilt Groupe - Diesel Sale!  

Gilt Groupe is having a sale on Diesel Jeans starting at 11AM CST. There are some cute casual pieces available, but this is not a denim-focused sale. There are just as many tops as there are jeans. I definitely think its worth checking out, but you'd better hurry!

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit:

Fashionista Alert: Emma Watson  

Oh joy! The next installment of the Harry Potter movie series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has brought major attention to one if its stars in particular, Emma Watson. Emma, who plays the character of Hermione Granger, is making a name for herself in the fashion world, and it is well deserved. She has come a long way from her first red carpet outfit as an 11 year old who looked like a kid trying to look like a movie star with a denim dress and purple boa.

While she currently has no interest in starting her own clothing or perfume line, “The idea of making my own perfume makes me want to vomit,” she has been asked by Burberry's creative director, Christopher Bailey, to be the latest celebrity face of the brand.

“I was really excited,” she says. “I’ve done a bit of modeling over the past year so I had practice.”

Emma in Christopher Kane (above), Proenza Schouler (below left), and Ossie Clark (below right).