Now Its Official! The Haircuts Have Gone TOO Far!  

So Mel B. has officially lost her friggin' mind! She has given her daughter Angel Iris, the daughter she shares (kinda) with Eddie Murphy a mohawk! A baby boy may be able to survive this hairstyle and be considered "cool" for this look (we'll see how Maddox Jolie-Pitt turns out before we confirm), but Mel should be mollywopped for this one. I can just see poor Iris in some psychiatrist's chair 20, no make that 10 years from now talking about the serious issues she faces that partly stem from the traumatic experience of being given this awful hairstyle.
See below how Mel B. and her other daughter, Phoenix-Chi each have a head of beautiful curls, and Angel Iris gets a haircut that only Mel B seems to be proud of??? Mark my words - THERAPY.

Now, I am all about kids giving your kids some style, but parents, please be conservative on what style choices you make for them. Its hard enough to grow up without being teased for something as it is regardless of how cute you are!

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