Come Get Your Mother!  

Now the children of these mothers are usually fashionable celebs, so why don't they help their mothers out with their fashion game???

Whitney and Bobby Kris at LAX. Now Whitney's jeans are a good fit, but those dingy white workout sneakers? No ma'am.

These are the type of outfits that get your children teased.

Miss Joyce, those white footless tights (I refuse to acknowledge them as "leggings") are not doing you or Chris any justice.
Oh Janice, while I must admit that this is the best she's looked in awhile, how in the heck do you raise a man who has made it part of his duty to critique people for a living and not even go to him for help when getting dressed?

Random: I went to the Ne-yo concert at the Taste of Chicago and saw somebody's mother in this matching denim outfit with orange applique. AND she was doing the Ricky Bobby. As you can see, she is not with her child...because her child walked away...

PSA: Our mothers have birthed us, raised us, and instilled in us what to do (or in some cases, what not to do) as far as fashion and style are concerned. Don't you think that you should give back to her???

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First, I'm mad you were at the Ne-yo concert because I planned on attending but instead found myself watching from the 21st floor of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Second, I can't BELIEVE you took a picture of this lady! HILARIOUS!

WTF is Solange wearing?

Lol, I keep forgetting to bring my camera out with me to take pictures of denim DOs/DON'Ts. My friend took this on her camera phone.

Ne-yo was good...Keri Hilson was not.