Hating the Look: Solange Knowles  

They say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, Tuesday, Mrs. Obama revealed her new cute and sassy haircut, and now Solange has followed up with this poor-looking, broke-off, I-am-three-years-old-and-my-momma-cut-my-hair-believing-she-could-for-the-first-and-last-time-after-my-daddy-sees-this-mess fade. I am all for the almost-bald female haircut (i.e. Amber Rose), but I wouldn't date a guy that came up to me looking like this, so I expect way more from her...WAY!!!
I am really sitting here in complete and utter shock and disatisfaction. Did she do this herself? Did she go to a trained barber/hairstylist? Why isn't it lined up? Why isn't it moisturized? Why isn't it brushed? Just...WHY...???

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A lot of times when women go natural they just get the back lined up. In the words of my Tyra 'if I cut ur hair it is because u have a strong face.' uh solange honey, there is nothing strong about those diluted Beyonce features. Solange is a prime example of needing a headfull of hair to offset some of those less than 'modelesque' features. If she ewanted the look I would have went for a slicked back look or something. But now,a quick weave, sew in, lace front and/or a baseball cap would do. Where r ur people? and what did Matthew and Daniel say about it? Im disgusted.