Jean School  

Every denim designer uses their own fit model whose body proportions are used to produce their styles. Because all of us come in our own unique shape, buying jeans is really just a process of finding a brand whose fit model has the proportions closest to our own. So before you head off to find those best for you, make sure that you know what you should be looking for. The most important thing to look for when buying jeans is the right size!

* When it comes to jeans size doesn’t matter! Ignore the size and go for the fit.
Most of us have a three-size range anyway. You’ll see that we provide you will
your true size with the brand size equivalent.

* Denim fibers tend to stretch out, so if you’re between sizes, consider buying them
a little tighter.

* Softer weaves drape the body best, but don’t avoid jeans with a more rigid fit (1%
stretch) - it can eliminate a saggy fit in the rear.

* Buy jeans to fit your largest curves - a good tailor can take care of the rest.

* When selecting the best jeans for your body type, make the best jean choice for
your body and style, not just by following latest fashions.

How to measure yourself:

Waist: Using measuring tape, loosely wrap it around your waist. Now, add a couple of inches. Unless you are purchasing high rise jeans (), you won’t be wearing them on your actual waist. Brands use a lower waist measurement that is about 2 inches greater than your true waist.

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Any recommendations for tailors in Chicago?

I personally like Tailor's Touch at 46 E Oak St Ste 300(between Michigan Ave & Rush St), but they can be expensive. I heard some very positive things about Willow Cleaners in Lincoln Park 703 W Willow St Apt 3B (between Burling St & Orchard St) and plan to try them next.