$7 Savings???  

In tough economic times like these when its hard enough to buy food and gasoline, people are using more "discretion" in spending their discretionary income. As a result, retail sales have been in the dumps. In fact, for the recent NY Fashion Week, many designers decided to pass on a tent show in Bryant Park in lieu of a more intimate (cheaper) venue. In an effort to increase decreasing revenues, designers are trying to come up with solutions to turn the tables.

Joe's Jeans have lowered the prices of their Spring 2009 collection by $7...and personally, I'm not impressed. At an average cost of $165/pair AND living in Chicago where sales tax is 10.25%, that wouldn't make me any more likely to buy a pair of jeans that wasn't in my budget.

True Religion decided to bump the US market altogether and just expand internationally. Certainly this will improve their bottom line, but shouldn't they be more focused on appealing to the customer that has supported them thus far...ahem Americans?

Let me know your thoughts...is saving $7 enough for you to break the bank? Can designers offer you anything that will up your spending???

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