Work Jeans...NOT Mom Jeans!  

Many companies employ a more casual dress code in which jeans are acceptable. However, this is one of many pieces of casual attire that have been pulled off of the forbidden-list (i.e. sneakers, flip-flops, leggings, etc).

I love the concept of course because I love denim jeans. My problem? I have seen the denim exception be abused time and time again. How??? MOM JEANS (and Dad jeans for that matter)! Ladies (and gentleman), the allowance of jeans to work does not mean that we are allowed to throw all professionalism out of the window...they are simply an alternative to a nice pair of slacks...let me reiterate - NICE pair of slacks! Unless all of your jeans are of a nice fit/style, people do NOT wear the pair that you "throw on" on the weekends to run your errands!

Here are some work denim tips:
* If you can't interchange them w/your slacks, don't do it. This means if you can't
pair them w/a nice blazer and/or blouse, they aren't for the workplace.

* Trouser jeans and dark denim always creates a more polished and professional look.
Unless you are a true fashionista, don't risk trying to do lighter washes at the

* Unless you are of upper management in an extremely causal work environment of a
non-corporate company, please do not wear denim when meeting clients. Unless they
have initiated a sales call because they badly desire your business, what you are
wearing does matter.

Here are some looks that are certain to steer you in the right direction!

Tell us your thoughts!

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I was so glad to see this post! My company has casual Friday where non-senior leadership employees are allowed to wear jeans. Seriously, I was shocked with what I have seen! Mom jeans are the least of the issues. I've seen sports jerseys, those God awful Crocs, and tattoos that are typically only seen in club attire. It's all very confusing.

Can you write a blog about how Crocs were made for gardening and never should be seen outside of your backyard? The Croc situation is very concerning to me.

I don't know Tiffany...anybody that works INSIDE of an office and wears crocs clearly doesn't care lol