Let the White Parties Commence!!!  

A few years back, white was a color that was thought of by many as only appropriate for Easter, "skinny people," and the trendy. Thanks to Diddy, who has propelled the "White Party" from a rarity to a regular occurence, everyBODY needs white in their wardrobe...its the status quo! So, here is a guide to assist those of you with harder-to-fit body types in finding the right style for your body type.

Slender: Work what you got (or what curves you don't got) and make the most of your body type with some skinny jeans. White is a great color for playing up curves when you don't have many.

This style is by 1921

Pear-shaped: You've got plenty of hips and a small waist, so this mid-rise wide leg pant (this style shown is not a jean; it is a cotton twill) accentuates your best feature while balancing out your proportions with a fuller leg. Bootcut styles will work for you as well.

This style is the Goldsign Orchid White Twill.

Flatter Rears: For those of you who aren't very bootylicious, but are looking for a style that will add a little umph to your rear, go for styles that have detail on the back pockets or flap pockets. What you DON'T want is a style without a pocket at all or large square pockets.

This is also a perfect style for those trendy girls who want to stand out amongst the other white-clad party guests!

This white and silver metallic beaded adorned style is by J&Company.

Hourglass: Based off of male input of the body types in Jean-O-Type's Jean Finder, your figure was definitely voted the sexiest! So although you can get away with wearing most styles if you are a well-proportioned hourglass, what style of jean you choose are a matter of what your look you are going for and/or how much male attention you are seeking!

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