Red Carpet: The 2009 Emmy Awards  

This past Sunday, September 20th the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards aired. I know I am  late posting my take on the red carpet, but the fulltime gig has been kicking my butt this week. So here we go.

The Good

Blake Lively - I think she looked absolutely stunning in this red dress. This is my one of my favorite looks.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian - As ususal, the sisters look great. Kourtney is wearing her pregnancy very well.

January Jones - I love the intricacies of this gown's bodice and the flow of the train.. This gown also makes her look great - very shapely. This is another favorite of mine.

Hayden Panettiere - This is a beautiful gown in a beautiful color! That clutch isn't doing anything for the dress (or me) though.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - There's nothing special about this gown, but I think as a whole that she looks great.

Mila Kunis - This dress is so fun and the shoes match perfectly!

Julie Benz - I love love love this look. Its sexy, sparkly, different...what's not to like here?

Vanessa Williams - This woman always looks!

The Bad

Olivia Wilde - She received a lot of kudos from the fashion critics for this gown, but all I see is Ice Capades...

Leighton Meister - This looks like this was a short dress that they made long (but should've stayed short) at the last minute by attaching an extra piece of material to the skirt. If it was short, I don't believe those shoulder puffs would irritate me so either...


Amy Poehler - Can we say frump-a-dump-dump? Yeah, you wouldn't think twice about this look in regular life, but you take celebrity + awards show + designers + stylists, and this is the final result??? I am so underwhelmed.


Drew Barrymore - This color of this gown requires a tan...that is all.

The Ugly

Ginnifer Goodwin - The neckline of this gown is killing me. This looks like it was made by one of the least talented designers on Project Runway...I'm sure Michael and Nina would agree.

Mary Louise Parker - Ok, so how many varying shades and textures of non-luxe-looking purple material are we going to try to fit into one dress? Too many. Too bad.

Sarah Silverman - WHO WAS THIS DRESS MADE FOR???!!!! Nobody, that's who. This may be one of the most unflattering gowns I have ever seen. Maybe the designer was channeling the Victorian era, perhaps? #fail

The Miscellaneous

Christina Applegate - I really can't decide how I feel about this one. I mean, she looks great in it, the color is beautiful, I love the neck and shoulder detail, but the stomach detail is a little overkill for me.

Heidi Klum - Nobody does pregnancy like Heidi...nope, not even you Kourt. The extremity of the silhouette freaks me out a little, but I can appreciate any woman carrying another person and can always manage to look like this...

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