Christian Louboutins for Men?!  

So my BFF, Daronammo, sends me a SUPER excited text message to tell me that he just learned on the Wendy Williams show (he loves her, go figure) that Christian Louboutin came out with a men's shoe line. Me, being at the full-time gig today and not a viewer of Wendy's show, knew nothing about this so I searched high and low on the net and it does indeed appear that this is true (sorry to question your girl D, but she isn't Oprah lol). I found the above python shoes on My Fabulous Bag as well as the mandals below:

I really like both styles, and would love either on a man, but I'm on the fence about the red sole. It is likely because I have associated this red bottom with a women's shoe, but what are your thoughts? Can any man pull this off?

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