Red Carpet: Whitney Museum Annual Gala  

On Monday night, the Whitney Museum hosted its Annual Gala in NYC last night. For those of you who, like me, have never heard of this museum, here is a little background on the organization:

The Whitney Contemporaries is a dynamic group of art patrons between the ages of twenty-one and forty, committed to supporting the Whitney's mission of championing emerging voices and artistic innovation. Contemporaries are guaranteed exclusive access to the Whitney’s unparalleled resources and the New York art scene.

So, while you  may know who all or most of these people are, I don't, nor do I care; I'm judging them all the same. Ok, so now onto the fashion:

The Good

New Mommy, Jennifer Hudson looked beautiful in Versace.

Dontatella must've loved the fabric so much, she got her very own dress made out of it too! I don't know about those straps on the bodice, but her body looks great in it.

Socialite, Jamee Gregory wore an amazing animal print gown...not an easy feat. If the belt didn't come with it, she gets even MORE kudos and great accessorization!

Socialite, Zani Gugelmann put togeher an unexpected look with these black tights, but I'm really feeling it! They actually make the dress and shoes pop when they otherwise wouldn't have.

Chanel Iman looked great as usual.

Lindsay Lohan wore a hot gold dress! I hate that her hair matches it though.

Andrea Glimcher (I believe may be another socialite) is working formal maternity wear beautifully.

The Bad

The silhouette of Shakira's dress is amazing, but what's going on with the strappy bottom hem AND strappy heels??? Too much!

Socialite, Lauren Santo Domingo in a blah dress in a blah color. Its not awful, I just expect so much more umph from a billionaire...

Socialite, Liz Swig, a neither 20 OR 30-something woman, in a 20-something appropriate dress. Unless you've been blessed with Halle Berry's genes, it matters.

I HATE the styling of Taylor Momsen's look. I think the fishnets are way too harsh.

Mischa Barton's isn't doing anything for her figure. I think this would've suited an older woman better.


The Ugly

Emma Hall with a lollipop around her, NO.

Look at Julie Macklowe. This look is not getting it and her friend knows it too.

The Miscellaneous

No fashion comments here. I just though it was funny to see Gerard Butler checking out Lake Bell's ASSets like that. LOL

Leslie Blume, is that a lobster on your hat??? SMH

I can't decide how I feel about Genevieve Jones' look, but its definitely intriguing.

Source: WWD

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