GTM: Giggling to Myself  

This photo and article posted on NY Mag's The Cut made me giggle to myself this morning, and I thought I'd share. Here is Jean Paul Gaultier photographed with Chris Brown after his boxing-inspired runway show yesterday in Paris. 

{The show}, in which the models were made up to appear battered and bloody. Gaultier walked the runway for the finale, jolly as ever, in the same makeup, appearing as though he'd just taken a few swift hits to the face. And who should pose beside him after the show but Chris Brown? Of course, Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault last year. And surely the photos of Rihanna that surfaced after the Grammys are not too distant a memory for many. So, this is one hell of an awkward photo op — the birth of awkward, if you will.

*tapping his shoulder* Um Chris? Where are you people and why didn't they keep you from making this poor choice of a photo op??? Its too soon...WAY too soon. SMH and GTM

Source: The Cut

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