Hating the Look: Good Girls Gone Bad  

In the past few days, a few of our fashion faves have made not-so-cute decisions in their choice of spring ensembles.

Offender #1: Halle Berry
*deep sigh* This makes me sad. This is sooo unlike her! What are these? Skants??? A Pirt??? I don't know and don't need to because they shouldn't even exist.

Offender #2: Rihanna

I really enjoy effortless looks, but we shouldn't take the word "effortless" literally.  No one, not even a superstar could pull this outfit off. And Rihanna is NO exception.

Offender #3: Gwen Stefani

What in the sheer h***?! While I must admit that I don't always enjoy her looks, she usually does much better than this.

Gilt Groupe: AG Jeans Sale  


Gilt Groupe is having a sale on AG Jeans (Adriano Goldschmied). There are a lot of styles, including several skirts, tops, and cropped jeans. Jeans are priced at $59 - $79 from the mid-to-upper $100 range.

There is a HUGE selection and at these prices, I strongly recommend checking it out!

This is an invitation only sale so click here or visit: