Red Carpet: 2010 SAG Awards  

I just LOVE awards season, don't you?! The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony was this past weekend, and unlike the Golden Globes, there was no rain. So there were no exceptions given for subpar red carepet looks.

The Good

Sandra Bullock looked beautiful. This dress fit her beautifully.

Jennifer Carpenter really brought it this time around...tres chic! I'd also like to give kudos to one of my fave actors, Michael C. Hall who is recovering from a battle with cancer. He looks great too!

Christina Applegate looks radiant in Roberto Cavalli.

Here is my girl, Diane Kruger dressed in Jason Wu.

Ok now! We see you Lea Michele! A beautiful gown in a beautiful color!

I don't love Marion Cotillard's dress or the shoes on their own, but together they make a fabulous look.

The Bad

What is up with Drew Barrymore and her quest to find the most unflattering gowns as possible?

The fit of Jane Krakowski's gown is wrong. She has a nice shape, but you wouldn't know it because the waistline and side/front seam make her look wider. However, I'm sure this dress looks fabulous from one particular angle...this isn't it though.

The gown Paula Patton is supercute...for a post-conception wedding gown.

The Ugly

Carrie Preston's dress is just all wrong. The style, proportions, print....just wrong.

The Miscellaneous

So Anna Kendrick didn't bring it like I thought she would, but she's still supercool.

Dianna Agron's dress is very...interesting. I don't think I love it (I think I need to see it from all angles live to determine what's up with that draped piece), but she looks gorgeous.

Meryl Streep embodies class and sophistication.

The Men (per the request of EGB2)

Cuba Gooding Jr. looked really dapper...from the neck down. His barber has failed him.

Aw man, JT! You've let me down with this look. Its looking a little country.

*deep sigh* When bad tailoring happens to good people... The poor fit of John Krasinski's pants has failed his entire look.

Adam Lambert could've used a little more steam to knock the wrinkles out of those pants, but I really do like his look. Looks like he's giving Prince and his heel-style a run for his money too.

Tom Ford looks great...but did you really think he wouldn't???

Hating the Look: Amber Rose  

This pains me to do as I thought I'd never have to do it...okay maybe not "never," but Amber Rose has gone too far. I usually love love LOVE her style, but *Katt Williams voice* this look right here....

Why did she even bother wearing anything at all??!!!

And I'd like to give a Hating the Look shout-out to Kanye's loafers. You were almost missed, but the light bouncing off of your crystals made me take notice.

Rue La La: Earnest Sewn Sale  

Rue La La is having a sale on Earnest Sewn clothing and there are quite a few denim styles. The prices range from $59 - 89, and there are some really cute styles here! The shoes they styled them with are really cute too, but unfortunately aren't for sale :-(

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GTM: Giggling to Myself  

This photo and article posted on NY Mag's The Cut made me giggle to myself this morning, and I thought I'd share. Here is Jean Paul Gaultier photographed with Chris Brown after his boxing-inspired runway show yesterday in Paris. 

{The show}, in which the models were made up to appear battered and bloody. Gaultier walked the runway for the finale, jolly as ever, in the same makeup, appearing as though he'd just taken a few swift hits to the face. And who should pose beside him after the show but Chris Brown? Of course, Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault last year. And surely the photos of Rihanna that surfaced after the Grammys are not too distant a memory for many. So, this is one hell of an awkward photo op — the birth of awkward, if you will.

*tapping his shoulder* Um Chris? Where are you people and why didn't they keep you from making this poor choice of a photo op??? Its too soon...WAY too soon. SMH and GTM

Source: The Cut

PETA Who???  

Kanye West and Amber Rose have garnered a lot of attention this morning having attended yesterday's Louis Vuitton men’s show donning these ostentatious fur coats. Yeah guys, we definitely see you! Good thing PETA wasn't there...

Gilt Groupe: Designer Denim Blowout Sale!!!  

Today, Gilt Groupe is having a HUGE denim sale offering styles from some of the HOTTEST denim designers out there: Ksubi, Rich & Skinny, Sass & Bide, and Siwy. Here are a few that caught my eye:


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Red Carpet: 2010 Golden Globes  

Sunday night marked the 67th Golden Globe Award Ceremony and the celebs were out on the red carpet...getting completely rained on. So while I will take the poor weather into consideration for looks and hair that seemed to have fallen flat, I still think weather preparedness is key and won't cut them too much slack ;-)

The Good

I think Fergie looked gorgeous. I love that she's not afraid to go with hard looks, but can just as easily pull off soft looks as well.

I don't know if Lindsay Lohan went to the actual award ceremony, but I really love this gown she wore to one of the parties.

Olivia Wilde's gown photographed much better than it looked live. I guess this is smart though because the picture lasts much longer than the moment.

Toni Collette, looked like the true winner she was that night. BTW, if you have not yet seen The United States of Tara, you really should check it out...she's such an amazing actress!

Paula Patton is well on her way to being a shining example of prenatal fabulosity.

The Red Dress - every awards has one. This time around, the winner for me is Maria Menounos.

The Bad

I really didn't like Sofia Vergara's gown. I liked the colors, but the dress itself looked stiff and uncomfortable.

Nicole Kidman is such an elegant woman she can never really look "bad," but if I saw this dress and all of its bows on a hanger, you couldn't give it to me for free.

Who knew Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks had such a voluptuous figure? I sure didn't, but I do know one thing, its too much puff and frills in this picture and the color does nothing for her complexion. I would've put this dress in The Ugly, but my favorite Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano designed constructed it so not only am I biased, but I don't hold him 100% accountable. She admitted he let her give her input on color and design which made it a "bad" decision. Stick to your craft Christina...

I like Cameron Diaz...but not this dress.

What the heck is that thing protruding from Drew Barrymore's hip? Unless she's trying to hide a colostomy bag under there, it is serving no true purpose, but to take away from her look.

Penelope Cruz and her multi-fabric dress....what can I say? Her hair looks nice...

Frump-a-dump-dump. Jenna Fisher could've done better than this.

Not only is the dress pretty fugly, but did you forget your shoes Elizabeth?

The Ugly

The bodice of AnnaLynne McCord's gown looks like two hands are grabbing her breasts...hated it.

Who is responsible for this?! Julianne Moore's gown looks like it was designed and constructed in my high school fashion class...sorry Balenciaga.

Jessica Lowndes...nope. Its all wrong...ALL WRONG.

Don't even look at the dress...I didn't. Why not you ask? Because those tights are scaring me!

The Miscellaneous

Live, Sandra Bullock's dress looked better than bad (the color was much prettier than it looks in photographs as well), but I think her hair and makeup looked radiant!

I'm assuming Ashley Tisdale didn't go the ceremony and wore this just for the party. If this is truly the case, I think she looks supercute!

I personally don't like Jennifer Morrison's gown (it makes me crave cake with heavy icing), but my boyfriend thought I should give it honorable mention. Why? Not because HE likes it either. She said in her interview that she didn't buy this dress for the awards, but her boyfriend had bought this for her a while back. I think she's just trying to get that ring on her finger... The dress does look much better photographed than live though.

I don't particularly like Anna Kendrick's dress, but I LOVE her! She did such a great job in Up in the Air, and from her interviews seems like she has a great personality. You should keep your eye on this one!

This dress is sooo weird! Zoe Saldana looked great while presenting, but it photographs hideously!

I wouldn't wear this dress, but I can appreciate it. Besides, Diane Kruger is my girl and is always fabulous.

I don't like the dress itself, but alas, life is unfair and as a result, Halle Berry looks hot in anything.

Source: InStyle and WWD