R.I.P. Michael Jackson  

Like most of the world, I am devastated at the passing of Michael Jackson. He was a cultural icon, playing a memorable part in most, if not all, of our personal lives. I mean, who can actually deny making attempts at doing the Moonwalk (I didn't say "successful" attempts), watching Thriller (and the making of Thriller, that was the best), PERFORMING the choreography in Thriller, anxiously awaiting the premieres of his mini-movie videos, and wanting and/or wearing a Michael Jackson-inspired Thriller-style jacket (I still have one). And let's be honest, anyone who EVER took a dance class in the 80s or 90s performed at least two times to a Michael Jackson song, and my saying "two" is being extremely conservative!

Despite the mass and frequent criticism of his many eccentricities, none of  them can overshadow his talent and influence on the world...the WORLD. Some of my strongest memories of Michael Jackson were going through a period as a kid in which I had to watch Thriller everyday (and I mean EVERYday), going to my very first concert - the Bad tour, and torturing/tramautizing myself by making several attempts to watch The Wiz just to watch him. What?! I was a hardcore Wizard of Oz fan and The Wiz was downright scary!

I wasn't around yet when JFK was assassinated, but like many who were, I  can honestly say that I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard that the King of Pop was gone.

Here are a few pics of MJ - wearing denim of course! R.I.P. Michael, your legacy and HIStory will live on forever.


Me in my Thriller-inspired jacket...this is actually in 2009.

My favorite MJ tribute courtesy of the Jabbawockeez on America's Best Dance Crew.

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